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Cold and flu immunity | IV vitamin mineral therapy Indianapolis

IV Vitamin Therapy Fights Cold and Flu For You This Season

IV Vitamin Therapy is ready. Because it’s coming, you know it is. A cold strikes soon after the temperature dips. Or, the flu hits you with a thud at the worst possible time.

You know the drill, and it is dismaying and depressing.


Actually, there is hope to help to keep nasty colds and even the flu at bay. It’s called IV Vitamin Therapy.

At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we have easy, expert treatments. They tackle these persistent challenges to your health every winter in uncommonly effective ways.

“Research, and my experience with patient after patient, makes it clear that this natural, targeted therapy targets symptoms fast. It has preventative value as well,” said Dr. Dale Guyer, M.D., founder of the institute. “I can’t recommend it strongly enough.”

Build Immunity & Strength

First, IV Vitamin Therapy bolsters immune system function. In colder months, protections can drop sharply, due to less exercise, less Vitamin D from the sun, and exposure to more infection pathogens.

IV Vitamin Therapy keeps disease-fighting tools primed and operating at high efficiency.


The calibrated mineral infusion we create for our patients is like a secret weapon. At the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we determine which nutrients may be inadequate. Next, the IV treatment bypasses the digestive tract so the effects can take hold faster by achieving elevated levels in the blood.

Visit Over Your Lunch Break

There is no downtime other than the 30 to 60 minute time it takes to the give the patient the treatment.

IV Vitamin Therapy can be done on a regular basis – it replenishes and steadily maintains your body chemistry to give you the best chance to ward off colds, flu bugs, and many other ailments, too.


“In cases where symptoms are already appearing, I have see so many patients who begin feeling better almost immediately,” Guyer said. “Our physiology is delicate, and when a healthy equilibrium is restored, it responds. It’s really satisfying when the regimen clearly helps someone feel better, so that can get back to work and back to play.”

The sessions are accessible and affordable, and our staff helps patients feel comfortable and relaxed about the infusions. And you can have it done over lunch!

Be ready for cold and flu season. At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, IV Vitamin Therapy gives your body the best chance to utilize its defenses to fight these tough foes. The sooner the better!

Immune system support | IV vitamin therapy Indianapolis | Guyer Institute

Take Control of Chronic Pain With Targeted IV Vitamin Therapy

Can tens of thousands of people be wrong about what works for their health?

Not in our experience. And experience helping people feel stronger and healthier, with less pain and discomfort, is what we have at The Guyer Institute (TGI).

One of TGI’s most popular and powerful treatments is called IV Vitamin Therapy.

It’s a long-established, proven way to enhance energy, reduce inflammation, and increase metabolic efficiency by infusing a solution of key vitamins through a vein in the arm.


IV Vitamin Therapy has worked wonders for a wide cross-section of patients at Guyer who suffer from persistent pain caused by migraines, tension headaches, and fibromyalgia.

The treatment has been endorsed by many prominent people and well-known celebrities who want others to know it’s far from a fad – it’s a fact. The method bypasses barriers to absorption in the digestive tract, and helps elevate levels in the blood.

Other conditions we know to benefit from the concentrated vitamin and nutrient treatment are: depression; seasonal allergies, muscle spasms, and respiratory problems.

A mineral infusion can be done in less than an hour, and several visits over a few weeks often significantly improve symptoms that have taken years to see acceptable results.

Ongoing and debilitating fatigue, for example, is far more common than we want to admit. And at TGI, we use the IV therapy to tackle this problem that can take such a toll on your quality of life. The treatment has helped so many with chronic fatigue syndrome, where other efforts have fallen short.

Our clinic has even seen the therapy help markedly reduce the side effect of extraordinary fatigue and other discomforts that often come with chemotherapy or radiation for cancer patients.


The sessions are accessible and affordable, and our staff does a standout job of helping people be comfortable and relaxed with the infusions. We know what to expect and frequently tailor the vitamin treatments to your specific issues.

Chronic pain and other conditions are complex, but this time-tested treatment at TGI has legions of believers. The boost in their well-being is proof enough.

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