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Peptides: Revolutionizing Medicine?

From Alzheimer’s Disease and autoimmune conditions to erectile dysfunction and weight loss, peptide therapy is a rapidly evolving realm of anti-aging medicine that promises amazing healing and restorative benefits by tapping into the body’s own chemistry.

What Exactly are Peptides?

More than 70,000 kinds of peptides reside in the body, each one carrying out a highly specific function. Peptides are a short chain of amino acids linked together that make up a small protein. They bind to the surface of cells and give targeted directions to other cells and molecules. Insulin is one of the most well-known types of peptide, but there are endless others.

The pharmaceutical market for peptide medications continues to explode in popularity as these specialized molecules deliver therapeutic value to a multitude of patients. There are around 150 peptides in clinical development and hundreds more in preclinical testing stages. In 2017 alone, the FDA approved five new peptides for clinical use to help treat diseases like diabetes and symptoms caused by GI and thyroid disorders.

The Promising Potential of Peptide Therapy

integrative doctor at peptide conference

To keep up on advancements in this emerging science, I regularly attend anti-aging medical conferences and study recent developments in peptide treatments. This summer, I joined esteemed integrative doctors and scientists from around the world at the International Peptide Conference in California to learn about the latest innovations in peptide therapy.

The potential of peptides is tremendous. It’s the key to prolonging human lifespan, but more importantly, it opens an entire doorway through which we can drastically increase quality of life. Peptides redefine how we dispense medicine.

They’re naturally occurring, extremely targeted, and by tweaking biochemistry, can bring a body back into balance without the side effects or risks of traditional prescriptions. Once they’ve accomplished their mission, the body automatically recycles peptides without any accumulative or toxic affect.

How Peptides Are Administered

hand holding chemistry moleculePeptides come in various forms and doses. Traditionally administered only by syringe, recent scientific discoveries made it possible to dispense certain peptides by oral tablet, transdermal creams and nasal sprays.

At The Guyer Institute, we administer peptides in a variety of ways and witness wonderful results. We offer peptide medications through our on-site compounding pharmacy and supplement store, and also perform PRP Therapy, which uses peptide growth factors from a patient’s own blood plasma, to rejuvenate aging skin and tissue, repair scars and even regrow hair. 

If this type of medical therapy piques your interest, give us a call at The Guyer Institute today at (317) 580-9355!

PRP for hair loss | micro needling hair regrowth treatment Indianapolis

PRP for Hair Restoration- using the power of your own Platelets to stimulate hair follicle growth!

It’s a common scenario. And it’s easy to get freaked out.

You start seeing globs of hair in the shower drain.

The truth is, hair loss can be scary! It’s an important part of a person’s identity. And, it affects both men AND women. So, forget the sexist myth that hair loss is a man’s problem.

About 40–50% of women are affected by hair thinning,” says Nicole Rogers, MD, a hair transplant surgeon and board-certified dermatologist based in New Orleans.

In fact, about 50% of all women experience female pattern hair loss (yes, that exists) by age 50. The hair loss usually involves diffuse thinning right on top of the head. Decreased density on top of the head or even a widening part is a common sign of hair loss in women. It could be inherited or sparked by hormone changes or everyday aging.

For men, male pattern baldness has always been a common dilemma. About 30% experience significant balding by age 30. That number increases to about 50% by age 50!

Given our cultural focus on physical appearance, youth, and health, it’s understandable how hair loss can be traumatic for both men and women. While it’s a fact that the market is filled with hair-enhancing treatments, recent scientific research and technology has provided the medical community with new understandings of wound and tissue healing, and by association, new ways to treat hair loss.


PRP is an affective, all-natural way to stimulate hair follicle growth.

As a result of these scientific studies, leading edge institutions like Guyer Institute are now offering hair restoration treatments using the amazing regenerative power of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). http://www.guyerinstitute.com

First approved by the FDA 30 years ago for advanced wound healing, PRP has become an affective, natural treatment for hair growth.  And, when combined with micro-needling treatment, the results are even more effective.

PRP- the “healing power” within our blood!

The process is simple. At Guyer Institute, we harvest a patients own PRP by drawing their blood, using a centrifuge to separate the PRP from the rest of the blood cells, all within a few minutes.

Although blood is mainly a liquid (called plasma), it also contains small solid components (red cells, white cells, and platelets). The platelets are best known for their importance in clotting blood.

It’s the protein growth factors of PRP that are the key

Platelets contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors, which are very important in the healing of injuries. PRP is plasma with many more platelets than what is typically found in blood. In fact, separating PRP by centrifuge can result in a concentration of these growth factors 5 to 10 times greater than what is naturally found in the blood.

The application of PRP to the scalp involves two steps

The application of the PRP with highly concentrated growth factors to the dermis is a two-step process. First, after the skin of the scalp has been numbed, Dr. Guyer uses a very short fine needle to inject the PRP into the scalp.

Then, an additional application of PRP is applied externally to the scalp, followed immediately by a micro-needling treatment to the same area of the scalp.

The combination of the direct injections along with the additional penetration of PRP that can be achieved by using MD Pen micro-needling guarantees the maximum growth factors are embedded into the scalp where hair regeneration is needed. This will boost collagen production in the tissues and can revive shrinking hair follicles.

While this treatment cannot make hair grow where the follicles have already died, it can regenerate weak follicles to grow hair once again thereby achieving a thickening of hair in areas that previously were thinning.

Additional treatments can be performed every 4 to 6 weeks for a total of 3 procedures. Maintenance would then be one treatment once or twice a year for most clients.

So, if you are faced with thinning hair, put the regenerative power of your own blood to use. PRP can renew weak hair follicles, giving you a thicker head of hair once again.

Botox Injections Indianapolis | Botox fillers Indiana | Guyer Institute Synergy Spa

Let’s face it- Crow’s feet look good only on crows!

Both women and men would agree that younger looking skin is something they would love to have. But nature is fighting us. Gravity, sun exposure, squinting, smiling and general aging cause a breakdown of the tissues that keep our skin looking young. Over time, wrinkles develop, causing the face to appear older.

You wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and see something unflattering!

It’s as if a crow has been doing the chicken dance around your eyes!

And if that isn’t insult enough, you also notice those “elevens” creases between your eyebrows!!

Relax- and realize it’s unavoidable.

You see, wrinkles are caused by muscle contractions that cause the skin to bunch together and form lines – crow’s feet, AKA “elevens”, are vertical frown lines between the eyes. Elevens, like forehead lines, are a natural result of muscle contractions.

Then, there are the added issues caused by sun damage, smoking, and old age, working against you even if you’re not screwing your face into a frown.

Fortunately, Guyer Institute’s Synergy Spa has ways to scare away the crows and eliminate the elevens with Botox and fillers treatments.

What is Botox and how does it work?

Botulinum is a natural, purified protein that is used to temporarily relax facial muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. At Synergy Spa, we use BotoxCosmetic It is the only FDA-approved treatment to temporarily improve the appearance of both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in adults. Injections are administered by a certified PA and injector.

After administration of Botox, the muscles that contract and cause the skin to bunch together are temporarily paralyzed, reducing crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead creases. No, you won’t lose the expressiveness of your face, only the lines. With Botox, there is no downtime, and results tend to last 3-6 months.

Now, about those fillers…

Fillers are another popular treatment at Synergy Spa. Using the #1 selling filler in the US-Juvederm, your certified PA injects filler into areas where folds, wrinkles, or deep skin depressions are evident. The injections consist of Hyaluronic Acid, a natural ingredient found in the body. This adds subtle volume, resulting in a lifting and smoothing of the area. Discomfort is minimal and the treatment does not take long to perform. Aesthetic improvements are seen immediately. Treatment lasts between 18-24 months.

At Synergy Spa, our motto will always be…”crow’s feet (and those nasty “elevens”) are for the birds!

– From The Guyer Institute Blog Team

PRP facial | Microneedling facial treatment Indiana

Platelet-Rich Plasma: Using the life-giving essence of your blood to rejuvenate the skin!

There’s an old adage “What’s old is new again.”

This certainly applies to the use of Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in the rejuvenation of tired skin. You see, while we have known about these life-giving blood cells for over a hundred years, the use of plasma from our own bodies to regenerate skin and revitalize collagen is a relatively new procedure.

At Synergy Spa, PRP can be applied in conjunction with our popular micro-needling procedure. The combination accelerates tissue repair, cell growth and collagen production.

PRP is perfect for many skin conditions!

Is your skin tone simply not as healthy and smooth as it once was? Have you noticed fine lines and wrinkles or acne scars? Are you unhappy with the skin texture on your face, décolletage, and hands? The best recommendation for these types of skin issues is Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

You may be asking, “How is PRP obtained?

PRP is basically a natural product produced from your own body. Through a simple blood draw, a small amount of blood is drawn from a patient into a sterile tube. Using a unique centrifuge machine, the blood is spun down in order to take out and concentrate the stem cells, growth factors and platelets that are very important for tissue healing.

Then, the PRP is topically applied to the skin prior to the micro-needling procedure. The micro channels created by MD Pen micro-needling promote the absorption of the regenerative, collagen-producing PRP into the skin.

Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa, shared her thoughts on the restorative benefits of PRP this way:

I really appreciated the results of utilizing my own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in conjunction with a micro-needling treatment. I think it’s great that even in my sixties, I’m able to achieve glowing skin, and really improve my complexion. I am super excited to try a PRP facelift next time, as it is non- surgical, and can’t wait to see those results.

PRP is a NEW application, attacking the OLD problem of tired, wrinkled skin. And, it is putting a new spin on “what’s old is new again!”

– From The Guyer Institute Blog Team

Rejuvenating facial | Spa facial Indianapolis

Will the first person who wants to look her age please step forward!

We can all remember, as children, our desire to be older than we were. This memory was rekindled this past holiday season when I talked to a young niece I hadn’t seen in a couple of years.

Taking a stab at her age, I asked, “Are you four, yet?

Her response was quick and emphatic…”I’m four and a half!

That response reminds me of a basic truth. While the very young desire to be seen as older than they are, the reverse is true of adults. Most of us really don’t desire to admit to our age. We reluctantly resign ourselves to signs in our image of increasing age.

As we mature, our skin begins to lose the radiant look of our youth. And, that’s why, ever since the days of the Romans, when women used swan fat to soften wrinkles, facials have remained popular treatments at ANY Spa. In fact, facials are one of the best ways to take care of your skin.

In the hands of an experienced, knowledgeable esthetician, dull, tired-looking skin can be cleaned, exfoliated and nourished. The result is a clear, well-hydrated complexion that transforms the skin to a younger and more radiant look.

At Guyer Institute’s Synergy Spa, several types of facials are adminstered by our certified licensed esthetician Christina “Cricket” Hemp. If you haven’t had a facial before, the process is simple. Christina will first consult with you regarding your skin problems. This is followed by a skin analysis to determine your basic skin type. From there, a recommendation will be made as to what type of facial is recommended.

The following is a brief listing of facials offered at Synergy Spa:

  • Classic Facial- very popular, this facial is a relaxing, deep cleansing treatment for overall improvement in the look of your skin
  • Custom Facial-focused on your primary concerns about your skin, this facial combines with two or four additional enhancements available as add-ons
  • High School Reunion Facial-perfect for ANY special event, this is our face-lift alternative.
  • Breakout Facial-a facial that can help eliminate the underlying causes of acne.
  • Gentleman’s Facial-this facial meets the needs and challenges of a man’s skin.

With a great facial from Synergy Spa, you may actually be proud to proclaim your age. And, maybe even add “a half” year to it!

– From The Guyer Institute Blog Team

PRP facial | Microneedling facial treatment Indiana

Age is a fact of life…looking your age in NOT!

There’s a saying about age that we like.

“Life is like a hot bath. It feels good while you’re in it, but the longer you stay in, the more wrinkled you get.”

The point here is simple…wrinkles eventually appear even on the most beautiful faces. They are an inevitable part of the natural aging process.

“Why is that?”

As we become older our skin becomes thinner, drier and less elastic. It’s a “perfect storm” assault involving a decreased production of natural oils along with a loss of fat in the deeper layers of the skin. Dry, wrinkled and saggy skin results, with more-pronounced lines and crevices. Ultraviolet light and smoking can add further insult to skin quality.

The role collagen and elastin play in healthy-looking skin

Collagen and Elastin are two KEY proteins that play a critical role in the onslaught of wrinkles.

Collagen is a fibrous protein in the dermis that gives structure to the skin and provides the foundation for the retention of elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Elastin is an elastic protein that helps maintain shape, while hyaluronic acid cushions and lubricates to keep the skin moist. More collagen enables the presence of more elastin and hyaluronic acid.

With age and environmental damage, collagen and elastin are lost, and as time goes on, the body’s natural production continues to decrease. The damage to the underlying structure of the skin reduces the skin’s ability to maintain elasticity and retain moisture.

One solution is to produce more collagen and elastin.

At Guyer Institute’s Synergy Spa, our MD Pen micro-needling procedure offers a new, non-ablative skin regeneration therapy to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Introducing MD Pen micro-needling- a technique that stimulates collagen and elastin

MD Pen micro-needling induces collagen and elastin through a controlled, minimally invasive process of puncturing the skin to create a controlled skin injury. Each puncture creates a channel that triggers the body to fill these microscopic wounds by producing new collagen and elastin.

An added benefit is that the micro channels created by MD Pen enhance the skin’s ability to absorb medical grade topicals, like anti-aging serums and skin lighteners, when applied during or immediately after the procedure by our licensed esthetician Christina “Cricket” Hemp.

There’s no downtime with micro-needling

MD Pen micro-needling does not cause the same trauma to the skin as laser or peels, so there is no downtime. Any discomfort caused by the procedure is minimal. What’s more, following micro-needling, sun sensitivity becomes less of an issue.

By stimulating collagen and elastin, micro-needling helps you achieve a LOOK that defies your AGE. And, isn’t that what we all want?

– From The Guyer Institute Blog Team

Facial Peel Indianapolis | Facial spa Indianapolis

Removing the BLACK VEIL of FEAR associated with Facial Peels!

Okay, so you’ve been thinking about getting that first facial peel. But, you are gripped with fear. You have images of Samantha of Sex and the City wearing a black veil to cover a blotchy face, the results of botched peel treatment.

But, have no fear! When done right, face peels can work wonders on some of the most frustrating complexion issues, from acne to uneven skin tone.

The biggest misconception about face peels is that they all will leave the skin looking burned and bright. Yes, it is true that a mild to moderate, visible exfoliation is expected after a peel. But, when done by a trained aesthetician like Christina “Cricket” Hemp at Synergy Spa, the fear of having to leave a treatment wearing a veil like Samantha is unwarranted.

How They Work and What They Do

Face peels remove top layers of skin to exfoliate and expedite cell turnover. When new cells are formed, this creates a new layer of skin—one that is fresh and smooth.

Face peels can improve skin’s texture, even skin tone, minimize fine lines, and clear up acne by unclogging pores. One problem they can’t fix, contrary to popular belief: scarring (only lasers can to do that). Another misconception involves treatment for acne. Some people believe a peel causes the skin to overproduce oil and become more acne-prone. This is simply not true.

Like any skin condition, a skin analysis will first be done, and our licensed medical aestheticians on staff at Synergy Spa will then customized the peel to your specific needs.

At Guyer Institute’s Synergy Spa offers PCA (Physicians Choice Arizona) peels. This high-performance peel is the mot effective formula available in the range of moderate exfoliating treatments. A mild peel based on a combination of naturally occurring acids, it helps threat acne and pigment disorders. The inclusion of naturally sourced progesterone hydrates and plumps the skin.

There are many benefits to a peel

While a few peels may be needed to achieve the desired result, the benefits are immediate and include:

  • Refines the skin texture
  • Evens skin tone
  • Alleviates all grades of acne
  • Lightens pigment discoloration
  • Helps to unclog pores
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Helps improve menopausal skin, smoker’s skin, aging and sun-damaged skin
  • Firms all skin types

With all these benefits, isn’t it time you got your peel? Don’t worry, we promise you can leave your BLACK VEIL at home!

– From The Guyer Institute Blog Team

Can Beauty be found in a GUN?

When it comes to beauty, there’s an expression we’ve all heard…”beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The meaning is clear, that perceptions of “beauty” are very subjective and personal. While I might think the epitome of beauty is reflected in the simple butterfly, your idea of beauty might be more along the lines of a renaissance-era painting masterpiece.

But, would you ever equate beauty with a gun?

Wow,” you say? NRA affiliations aside, most of us would be hard-pressed to associate a Smith and Wesson handgun with beauty.

But, what if the gun we had in mind was something other than a cold steel firearm? What if it was a new aesthetic device shaped like a gun, capable of transforming tired, wrinkled skin, into a vibrant, radiant complexion? We are referring to CoolLifting® (The Beauty Gun) now available at Guyer Institute’s Synergy Spa.

Fashioned in the shape of a gun (hence “The Beauty Gun”) CoolLifting® projects a powerful CO2 flow on the facial tissues, along with an extremely high concentration of atomized actives at a very high pressure and very low temperature.

CoolLifting® is non-invasive and thus, not painful.

Until now, treatments for facial wrinkles and facial rejuvenation have always involved long sessions with scarce results or timid results using traumatic and invasive treatments. CoolLifting®’s futuristic technology has changed all that. It is a fast and effective treatment that opens up a new spectacular, innovative anti-aging concept to fight wrinkles and rejuvenate the face. Patients notice an immediate smoothing of the skin and a reduction in deep skin-folds. It’s no wonder this comfortable, 5-minute, no downtime procedure has earned the motto …

“5 minutes to remove 10 years.”

For maximum results, we recommend a package of 3 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

CoolLifting®’s The Beauty Gun provides visible, intense collagen and elastin stimulation, dermis regeneration and skin texture and quality improvements.

Now, that’s proof that beauty CAN be found in a gun.

– From The Guyer Institute Blog Team

Cleopatra Gold Mask | Spa Treatments Facials Indianapolis

Cleopatra had her Golden Mask! But is it REALLY necessary?

One of the most fascinating figures from antiquity has to be Queen Cleopatra. It was her beguiling beauty that made Rome’s Mark Anthony choose to join forces with her to fight the mighty armies of Caesar.

She could turn the heads of many important men. As her fame continues to endure, we are left wondering: “What WERE the beauty secrets of Cleopatra?

There are many legendary tales about how the Queen of the Nile maintained her beauty. One is that she always washed her face, using a mixture of honey, almond oil, and the milk of a young donkey. Another is that she slept with a golden mask on her face!

Cleopatra clearly knew the importance of a great facial.

And we at Guyer Institute feel the same way. In fact, we’re sure she would be pleased with any of the facial treatments our Synergy Spa offers.

Situated behind a tranquil, beautifully landscaped courtyard behind the main offices of Guyer Institute, Synergy Spa is a restful, relaxing destination fit for any royal pampering.

Combining the treatments you would expect of a full-service spa with Dr. Guyer’s unique anti-aging approach to the use of medicine, Synergy Spa will leave you feeling refreshed and with a healthy glowing complexion.

Our trained esthetician Christina “Cricket’ Hemp will make even the most problematic skin radiate with beauty.  (The reality is, it’s the people with problematic skin that SHOULD be booking a facial each month). For everyone, having a facial at least once a season is recommended to keep the skin balanced.

Our popular classic facial always leaves you feeling refreshed. It will fully cleanse your skin in a way that you simply can’t at home. And, our custom facial takes this a step further, combining additional treatments. Don’t forget to ask us about our High School Reunion facial, perfect for any special event.

Of course, we can’t forget the gentlemen. We offer great facials for men. These are specifically formulated to male needs, which are often shaving-related, such as razor burn, or other conditions like skin sensitivity and dullness.

For peels, our Physicians Choice Arizona (PCA) products exfoliate dead skin cells and help healthy skin cells rise to the surface.

And, we’re one of the first spas in the Indianapolis area to use the CoolLifting® Beauty Gun. This gun projects a power CO2 flow, combined with an extremely high concentration of atomized actives at a very high pressure and a very low temperature. Patients notice immediate improvement in wrinkle reduction, increased hydration, skin radiance, and overall lifting of the skin. It also induces the production of collagen and elastin as it increases tissues oxygenation. Other services include CoolSculpting®, micro-needling, Botox and fillers.

At Synergy Spa, we say forget sleeping in a golden mask. Instead let our esthetician pamper you like the Queen (or King) you are!

– From The Guyer Institute Blog Team

DIY Facial | Facials Indianapolis Indiana

When it comes to facials- forget the DIY!

The DIY (Do-It Yourself) craze has become very popular in recent years. In fact, there is a television network completely devoted to this idea, called (as you might expect) The DIY Network. Shows with names like Rehab Addict and Renovation Realities show us how we can tackle projects like room renovations and backyard landscaping on our own.

Such shows make it look simple. While the level of difficulty involved really depends on the person’s level of skill and available time for such tasks.

Let’s face it – there are some things you really shouldn’t DIY..like facials! While it may seem like an easy task to DIY a facial, in reality, you need the right products – and the right training – to achieve a professional effect. Just think about it…You know when you go to a beauty store and someone tells you what to buy based on looking at your skin under fluorescent lighting? That’s not how we should be purchasing things. “And why is that,” you ask? Before buying any products, a licensed esthetician needs to “know” your skin. This can only be accomplished by examining it, cleansing it, assessing it, then treating it. It’s a matter of choosing a DIY facial or being pampered by a personal skin-care concierge!

At Guyer Institute Synergy Spa, or licensed esthetician Christina “Cricket” Hemp will provide personalized skin recommendations and a regimen that will address your individual concerns. Unless you’ve got big bucks and the proper degree, you can’t get that kind of treatment at home!

One such regimen involves the use of PRP for facials.

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a regenerative medicine technique utilizing your body’s, own growth factors to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, improving both skin texture and tone. PRP is an ideal treatment for the face, neck, décolletage, and hands.

PRP is often used in conjunction with another very popular treatment; micro-needling, taking that procedure to the “next level” in maximizing tissue repair, cell growth and collagen production.

You may be wondering, “How does PRP work?

A simple blood draw, similar to having a basic lab test, is all that is needed to prepare the PRP. Your blood is placed into a centrifuge and spun at a very rapid rate to separate the platelets from other components of the blood, which activates the platelet-rich plasma.

And, because it is your OWN blood, there is virtually no risk of intolerance or allergy. The PRP is then topically applied to the skin prior to the micro-needling procedure. The micro channels created by micro-needling promote the absorption of the regenerative, collagen-producing PRP into the skin.

Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa, shared her thoughts on the restorative benefits of PRP this way: “I really appreciated the results of utilizing my own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in conjunction with a micro-needling treatment. I think it’s great that even in my sixties, I’m able to achieve glowing skin, and really improve my complexion. I am super excited to try a PRP facelift next time, as it is non- surgical, and can’t wait to see those results.

Synergy Spa offers a full line of restorative treatment options. A visit will help you decide what options are best for your skin.

Then, you can get off the “DIY facial” bandwagon once and for all!

– From The Guyer Institute Blog Team

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