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Regain Balance with Bioidentical Hormones

Mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, diminished sex drive: the symptoms of hormone imbalance are as diverse as our own biochemistry. That’s why in my 20-plus years of prescribing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy I’ve always taken a personalized approach to treating hormone deficiency or dominance.

Hormone changes are a normal part of the aging process, and they don’t just affect women entering menopause. Men experience a decrease in testosterone with every passing year, leaving many feeling unmotivated, overweight, lethargic and grumpy. For women, disruptive changes in mood, metabolism and energy production start several years before even entering menopause, which can last another two to 10 years.

There’s no reason to suffer for that long, or at all, thanks to significant scientific advancements in bioidentical hormone replacement supplements, application methods and pharmaceutical compounding that have developed since our own mothers suffered from sweltering hot flashes and temperamental attitudes.

I attend annual medical conferences on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to stay on the cutting edge of hormone replacement research and newly available BHRT products, and learn how physicians like myself can better treat the symptoms of hormone imbalances that affect all of us at some point. I began advocating BHRT long before Oprah joined the bioidentical bandwagon, and I’ve witnessed first-hand how much better a patient feels once we get their hormones leveled out.

BHRT Compounded Creams vs. Synthetic Hormones or Pellet Therapy

All of the hormone treatments I prescribe are identical to what the body creates, so it’s a more natural and effective way to treat hormone imbalance without the side effects that often come with synthetic hormones.

People ask why we don’t offer pellet therapy at The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine. While also made with bioidentical hormones, pellets make it difficult to titrate the dosing as is often required when seeking the perfect balance of hormones for each individual. Pellets implanted under the skin take three to six months to wear off, so if the dosage isn’t the proper proportion of bioidentical hormones we cannot adjust it until it’s time for a new one.

The ability to customize hormone therapy to each person’s specific set of symptoms is one of the main reasons I prefer bioidentical hormones over synthetic prescriptions that come in standardized doses. We’re able to compound prescriptions on site at The Guyer Institute, so we’re able to customize a hormone cream for each patient and adjust the hormone levels to treat worsening or new symptoms. The BHRT creams come in pre-metered doses or capsules, so they’re extremely easy to use.

OTC Hormone Supplements

For people who would prefer an over-the-counter herbal medication to restore hormonal balance, we offer a number of physician-grade options in our Supplement Store. You don’t need to be a patient to shop in our store or online, and our trained staff is always happy to help you figure out which products may work best for your particular symptoms. Here’s a look at some of our most popular hormone-balancing dietary supplements:


The most common hormone in the body, DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands and helps produce other hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Available in 5mg or 25mg doses, DHEA supplements enhance immune function and replace naturally declining DHEA levels as you age.           


A non-hormonal supplement, Estrovera contains Turkey Rhubarb, which is clinically proven to reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. It also helps with vascular integrity, keeping blood vessels healthy and preventing vasodilation or a swelling of blood vessels that can cause dizziness, low blood pressure, heart palpitations, and other unpleasant symptoms like fluid retention.


Specially formulated by Dr. Dale Guyer, EstroFX can get aberrant hormone levels back in balance. It’s particularly helpful for those suffering with breast tenderness and can assist in restoration of healthy cervical tissue after an abnormal pap smear.


EstroBalance can ease monthly hormone swings and PMS symptoms, such as painful periods and difficulty losing weight. This super-duty nutritional supplement supports healthy hormone balance and boosts fat metabolization to keep the extra pounds off.


This adrenal hormone regulates memory and brain function, specifically the area of the brain related to artistic function. Pregnenolone is a precursor to other hormones like DHEA, progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. Available in our store in 10mg, 50mg and 100mg capsules, this supplement can reduce inflammation, relieve some symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and improve symptoms related to poor adrenal function.

Get Off the Hormonal Swing with Our Help

Ever wish you could say, “Stop this ride. I want to get off” when suffering on the hormonal roller coaster ride that’s robbing you of sleep, enjoyable sex, and clear thinking? At The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine, we offer a number of natural ways to slow your turbulent swing of emotions and energy, restoring your vibrancy and hormonal balance.

Stop by our supplement store, contact us online with your questions or give Dr. Guyer a call at (317) 580-9355 to make an appointment to discuss how BHRT can help your hormones.

Is Your Dad Healthy? Tips to Improve Men’s Health

Happy Father’s Day to all of those dads out there who work tirelessly, play with gusto, and passionately embrace life with pure joy. On the other hand, if your father or husband seems tired all of the time, unmotivated to play or exercise, and generally finds less enjoyment lately, it may be time to investigate why.

As men age, testosterone and other hormone levels decline about 10 percent each year starting in their 30s. Even though it’s a gradual decline, men start to gain weight, become lethargic and less motivated, and begin to notice a decrease in their libido. Instead of chalking up low testosterone to the natural process of aging, The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine works with men to heal their body from the inside out, so they gain more energy to enjoy life.

Here are 3 ways to improve men’s nutrition and boost low energy:

Proper Nutrition for Men

Good nutrition may not be at the top of your dad’s to-do list, especially when he’s busy being the superhero, handyman, and jack-of-all-trades for everyone in your family.

While low testosterone can affect a man’s energy levels, it also can impact bone and muscle health, sperm production and hair growth. Eating foods high in Vitamin D and zinc, such as tuna, egg yolks and beans, improves men’s nutrition and helps to naturally boost testosterone levels.

For busy dads on-the-go, we also suggest adding SynerG Pro to the diet. This potent multivitamin for men, which also works as an antioxidant, helps to fill the gaps in men’s nutrition. Available in The Guyer Institute supplement store, this plant-based protein powder provides balanced macronutrients with no added gluten, dairy or soy. Use it as a great meal replacement to improve energy, mood and cholesterol levels.

Energy Supplements for Busy Dads

Does the sheer number of energy-boosting supplements on the market today leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we know which supplements work best to bolster diet deficiencies, support a stronger immune system and promote better health.

If Dad is feeling run down and fatigued, Max Adren might be the answer. This supplement offers a powerful blend of vitamins, adaptogenic herbs and adrenal extract, all of which function synergistically to strengthen the body’s stress response and support healthy energy levels.

Dad need a little pampering and rejuvenation?
Check out a multitude of spa treatments, from facials to fillers, available at Synergy Spa.

Combined with eating a better diet to promote weight loss, taking the right supplements and best multivitamins for men can dramatically improve energy levels. Contact our knowledgeable supplement store staff for more ideas or to answer any questions. We’re here to help.

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

As dads age, hormones change and men may experience fatigue, low energy, decreased sex drive, depressed mood, and difficulties with concentration and memory. Restoring testosterone and other hormones to an optimal level can substantially improve overall health and wellness.

Testosterone levels can be boosted naturally with changes to diet and exercise, such as reducing sugar intake, eating healthy saturated fats, and engaging in high-intensity exercise or strength training. When natural remedies don’t work, however, it may be time to consider hormone replacement therapy.

At The Guyer Institute, we offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy using a prescription compound made from a source of yams or soybeans. Bioidentical HRT works to adequately balance all of a man’s hormones, including testosterone, estrogen, and DHEA, for optimal health.

If you suspect hormonal imbalance affects the quality of life for your father or husband, encourage them to contact Dr. Dale Guyer today to schedule an appointment. We understand all men are busy and often use that as an excuse to put off getting help for themselves. Tell him we offer convenient, in-office blood tests, and Dr. Guyer can formulate a prescription based on the results that you can pick up in our store or get mailed to your home. He might even send you a card next Father’s Day.


Hormone Balance with Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

You’ve probably heard the expression “Their hormones are just out of wack!”

hormones are out of wack!

The truth is, hormones play an important role in how we feel. And, as we age, hormonal imbalance can become a real issue, affecting not only our mood but also our overall health.

Dr. Dale Guyer of the Guyer Institute likes to describe our hormone system (endocrine system) as “a symphony of sorts wherein each instrument needs to be played in conjunction with the others in total balance.’  

Guyer Institute’s Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is an ideal way to preserve the ageing experience.You don’t have to gain weight or have hot flashes, and you can preserve your immune health”, said Dr. Guyer.   It involves the synergy of putting all the hormones together through a treatment known as bio identical hormone replacement. The same hormones that your body makes can be made from yams (yes, yams!) and work very well in restoring life quality.

 When hormones are out of balance, our bodies have a way of telling us. For women, this problem could show up as hot flashes, sleep disturbance, mood swings, and symptoms of skin or vaginal dryness.

For men, the onset of symptoms can often be very gradual over a span of five to 10 years as testosterone and other essential hormone levels gradually decline at a rate of about 10 percent per year. And, often they are not even aware of a problem. Their spouse may be the first to notice the change. Possibly he has become more lethargic and much less motivated. Perhaps he has gained weight, experienced a decrease in libido, has poor exercise tolerance, and a general overall diminishment in life enjoyment.

Fortunately, conditions of hormonal imbalance can be corrected in both men and women. For women, these symptoms can be resolved in a fairly quick time frame when hormone levels are restored. For men, restoration of testosterone and other hormone levels to a more optimal and younger age will tend to diminish and mitigate those overall concerning symptoms while substantially improving overall long-term health.

We start losing hormones in our late 20’s, and Dr. Guyer states that it happens to both women AND men, although symptoms usually affect women first. Everyone is unique and the time-frame when symptoms start to show up varies in the individual.

Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa

Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa, described how Dr. Guyer was able to help alleviate her “hot flashes” – “Dr. Guyer did some labs, then was able to formulate a cream for me to use along with a pill I take at night. At 61, I never thought I would feel so vibrant! You CAN feel like a million bucks!

If you feel your “hormones are out of wack”, consider Bio Identical Hormone replacement therapy to substantially improve your overall long-term health.





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