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CoolSculpting® Reaches A Milestone As Popularity Surges

1000 CoolSculpting® treatments and counting!

We’re honored to announce that Synergy Spa of the Guyer Institute has been named a member of the Cool Club: 1000 times we’ve helped our patients look leaner and feel better with CoolSculpting.®

“Synergy Spa is trusted, sought out, and we deliver first-rate procedures,” says Denise Kaler, CEO. “Patients would simply not be coming back – or coming for the first time – if it didn’t work, and they didn’t feel comfortable with the experience.”

If you don’t already know, CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive fat-freezing treatment that in many cases leads to 25% less fat on as many as eight different areas of the body.

The procedure is FDA-certified, and can remove excess fat on your abdomen, thighs, arms, love handles, buttocks, even under your chin, around your neck, and other areas too!

CoolSculpting® can benefit both women and men. More and more men have been walking through our doors as the word spreads.

“Women are telling their husband, partners, friends about the amazing results,” Kaler says. “We are thrilled when a man sees he can remove unwanted fat, too!”

Our experts at Synergy Spa use a carefully engineered device with vacuum technology to isolate the bulging. The freezing effects follow. There is little to no discomfort and no downtime. 1000 plus treatments performed at Synergy Spa have more than confirmed its ease of use.

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A CoolSculpting® treatment takes about 35 minutes for each area treated. Many who come in for it decide to come back at regular intervals to keep their bodies looking as good as they can.

We always consult with our patients about the results, as well as the complete array of ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and stay in good shape. CoolSculpting® is just one great avenue.

Being part of the Cool Club is more than cool. It means we’re elated about helping so many patients lose some of those bulges and be happier with the way they look.

Call 317-580-1SPA (1771) to set up your CoolSculpting® appointment today!

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On The Cover Of Indy Metro Woman Magazine!

If you haven’t seen it, now is your chance! The May Issue of Indy Metro Woman has Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute on its cover.

We are the magazine’s “Wellness Spotlight,” and as we do every day for our patients, wellness is indeed in the spotlight – in the magazine’s article.


First, on the cover: Synergy Spa CEO Denise Kaler, our expert aesthetician Jelena Strauser, and CoolSculpting® technician Grace McDonald.

The story highlights the ALMI stem cell procedure. The  all-natural, regenerative injection treatment that markedly improves skin tone and texture, especially on the face and hands.

Synergy Spa is the only place in Indiana to offer ALMI! We’re always ahead of the curve.

“ALMI is the most exciting treatment to come to the aesthetic industry since PRP (platelet-rich plasma),” Denise tells Indy Metro Woman.

She adds, “ALMI can be done start to finish in 90 minutes, and the results are immediate.”

Dale Guyer, M.D., our founder, tells the magazine about the stem cell facelift, “The beauty of the ALMI procedure is that a person can turn back the clock.”

That’s true, as it is about so many treatments and procedures at Synergy Spa. They are healthy, effective, and help improve appearance, outlook, and confidence.

As the article states on page two, this famous quote from Henry David Thoreau speaks in its own way to what we are here to do for you:

“Go completely in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”

The Indy Metro Woman article also talks about the array of remarkable Vampire treatments available at Synergy Spa.

The treatments utilize the patient’s own platelet-rich blood to rejuvenate skin to amazing effect.

Synergy Spa is one of only four Vampire treatment centers in Indiana. The procedures add natural-looking firmness to your face and breasts.

They can also help with hair restoration, scar reduction, and two treatments gaining in popularity every day. They are: the Vampire O-Shot and the Vampire P-Shot.® Our patients confirm: they are sexual enhancement steps that can make a significant difference.

“The demand keeps growing for Vampire treatments,” Denise says. “It is exciting for us to see so many people so satisfied.”

The piece in Indy Metro Woman also covers the extraordinary advances with CoolSculpting®. Patients keep seeking us out for this non-invasive treatment at Synergy Spa.

CoolSculpting® can remove unwanted fat permanently, in your tummy, on your thighs and buttocks, and many other areas of the body.

“No needles, no surgeries, no special diets,” Denise tells Indy Metro Woman.

Our practice and each of our CoolSculpting® technicians have been certified. The technicians have added to their knowledge and expertise by attending CoolSculpting® University.

Call 317-580-1SPA (317-580-1772), or come by, and we’ll begin doing our best for you. For us, results matter most.

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Help Is Here For Post-Holiday Weight Loss

Post-holiday weight loss can look like a wall that’s too tall to climb. Especially if you’re over the age of 40, as the body’s metabolism becomes less efficient.

Often exercise and diet alone just do not provide the benefits to which you may be accustomed.

As this New Year unfolds, The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa encourages you to try something different. Get smart about weight loss and strategy. Get serious about post-holiday weight loss success.


Nothing is a magic bullet. And as we age, working out and eating optimally will not always provide the results in the expected time frame or to the degree we seek.

The Guyer Institute founder, Dale Guyer, M.D. explains, “The body can and should be finely-tuned. Hormone and mineral levels need to be measured and restored to optimum balance.

“There are carefully applied protocols that involve supplements and diet that can increase cellular metabolic activity naturally,” Dr. Guyer said. “Along with a reasonable exercise program, the body can burn excess fat faster for energy, and reduce weight.”

Several products that specifically target your needs are available at the Supplement Store of The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa.

Some of the common deficiencies addressed in specialized post-holiday weight loss programs include imbalances in Thyroid, Vitamin D3, Testosterone, and DHEA.


At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we also examine and address “Nutraceuticals.” They can play a significant adjunctive role in supporting metabolism.

If called for, our expert staff also moves to help you bolster your body’s levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLAs), and carnitine, chromium, and other minerals as determined by your unique clinical needs.

This comprehensive focus can help sustain more favorable weight loss and overall health goals.


Excessive or even obsessive exercise and sharp diet adjustments alone for post-holiday weight loss are often only a short-term solution that cannot be sustained.

“Healthy weight loss after the holidays,” Dr. Guyer says, “is not simply a matter of exertion. It’s a matter of how the body processes what you consume, and the fat our bodies store. If there is not a synergy, then you can’t maximize your chances of achieving your goals.”

We out together a medically-based and supervised post-holiday weight loss program managed for you.

At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we can also consider whether HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) therapy is recommended.

When HCG levels are low, you may find energy levels are low and your normal weight starts to increase. The HCG protocol combines injections or oral supplements with a caloric intake reduction program. This emphasizes foods that do not slow down the metabolism.


These foods help your body use fat as energy more efficiently and rapidly.

The HCG approach is especially valuable when seeking to lose around 20 to 30 pounds.

Some call the post-holiday weight loss imperative “The Winter Metabolic Blues.” Well, they don’t have to be. At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we provide avenues that we adapt for your specific test results and physiological make-up. The latest avenues that work.

You can lose weight after the holidays in a predictable, healthy, more enduring way. Call us for a consultation today.

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