Supplement Store Staff

About our Supplement Store Team

Indianapolis supplement storeAt the Indianapolis Supplement Store at The Guyer Institute, our staff offers focused, friendly shopping support. At a minimum, our team includes licensed pharmacy technician committed to helping you meet your supplement needs with physician-grade nutriceuticals.

Unlike the supplements at large retailers, The Guyer Institute products use physician-grade formulas. Because of this, they are tested for purity and potency, and free of toxins and impurities.

Indianapolis supplement store with personalized shopping assistance

To better serve our supplement customers, Dr. Guyer offers patients a customized treatment plan. Because of this, patients get the opportunity to purchase custom compounded medications specific to their health needs.

Also, the Guyer Institute supplement store staff works to make a positive difference in the daily lives of patients and customers. Our knowledgeable and friendly team stands ready to assist you. First, they can answer any questions you have regarding nutritional supplements. Secondly, they can help determine which supplements work best for you.

Most importantly, our store carries a wide variety of supplements specially formulated by Dr. Dale Guyer  to help you achieve your optimum health and wellness.

For more information about our supplement store, please contact us.

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