New Patients

Dale HeadShot integrative health doctor

Dale Guyer, M.D., Founder of The Guyer Institute, an Indianapolis integrative health center

The Guyer Institute – Holistic Health Center Indianapolis

As a new patient at The Guyer Institute, you will be asked to complete an extensive questionnaire called The New Patient Booklet, which is required for all of our integrative health patients.

The questionnaire includes such categories as:

  • traditional personal information (name, age, etc.)
  • family and social history
  • medical history
  • previous/current medication(s) and supplement usage
  • sleep and dietary habits
  • and so on

Another section of the new patient packet includes an exhaustive checklist of past and present symptoms. Secondly, the physical checklist precedes the mind/body area, where you indicate potential contributing emotional or stress-based causes of illness. Finally, you'll explore areas of vitamin and/or mineral depletion, energetic imbalances, organ network disturbances, and conflicts between organ networks.

We keep your New Patient Booklet your patient file for future reference. In doing so, we can analyze current information and observe changes over time. Thus, we can best tailor our holistic health treatments to help you achieve optimum results.

Life is a journey. Because of this, let us help you on the path to good health.

I look forward to seeing you.

In good health,

Dale Guyer, M.D.
The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine

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