PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP Therapy - Platelet Rich Plasma TreatmentWhat is PRP Therapy?

PRP Therapy involves an FDA-approved injection process for the growth and repair of connective tissue. It uses a cutting-edge approach similar to stem-cell therapy.  Stem-cells contain very high levels of peptide growth factors (short protein chain molecules made by many cells in your body). As a result, these growth factors signal the body's cells to regenerate, grow and repair.

The PRP Therapy Process

In your body, the bloodstream has a certain cell type called platelets, which contain many growth factors. In PRP therapy, we take a blood sample and spin it in a centrifuge with three stages of filtration. As we spin the blood sample, we can isolate the growth factors from the plasma. Next, after we purify the growth factors, we numb the area with an injection of Lidocaine, Procaine, or similar anesthetic. This allows us to perform the injection in an effectively painless manner. By concentrating the body's own growth factors, we can then draw this elixir into a syringe. Then, we inject it into the body at various sites to support and enhance connective tissue repair following long-term stress or traumatic injury.

Results from PRP Therapy

Very often, with PRP Therapy, we can improve longstanding musculoskeletal issues as well as connective tissue dysfunction within a few weeks or even days. Generally, repairs start within the first 3-5 days and continue for several weeks thereafter.

Common Uses

PRP therapy commonly treats musculoskeletal conditions for joints such as shoulders, knees, hips, neck and  back. More recently, we have seen regenerative and even cosmetic applications for PRP therapy.  In some smaller-scale studies, patients have experienced effective results for medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction. Basically, the entire premise comes down to the isolation and utilization of the body's own derived cell growth factors. Sometimes results require repeat injections over the course of several months to facilitate optimal healing. Combining this therapy with other supportive approaches (nutritional therapy, hormone balancing) can further enhance the efficacy and results.

For more information about PRP therapy, please contact us or visit our Vampire treatments section. 

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