PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP Therapy is a FDA-approved injection process for the growth, repair, and rehabilitation of connective tissue. It utilizes a unique and novel cutting-edge approach that is akin to stem-cell therapy in that stem-cells are known to contain very high levels of peptide growth factors. Growth factors are short protein chain molecules made by many cells in your body. These growth factors are cell signalers to which the body's cells respond to improve their own cell regeneration, growth, and repair.

In your body, the bloodstream has a certain cell type called platelets. Within platelets (which operate in your coagulation cascade) are contained many growth factors. In PRP therapy, a blood sample is taken from the individual and spun in a centrifuge that has three stages of filtration. As the blood sample is spun, the growth factors, through the special filtration system, can be isolated from the plasma. After purification of the growth factors, the area is numbed with an injection of Lidocaine, Procaine, or similar anesthetic, which allows the injection to be done in an effectively painless manner. By concentrating the body's own growth factors, this resultant elixir can then be withdrawn into a syringe and injected into the body at various sites to support and enhance connective tissue repair following long-term stress or traumatic injury. Very often, longstanding, complicated musculoskeletal connective tissue dysfunction can improve within a few weeks and sometimes even a few days. Generally, the repair process is initiated within the next 3-5 days and is thought to continue for several weeks thereafter.

Very commonly, musculoskeletal conditions involving all joints of the body, such as shoulders, knees, hips, neck, back, etc., are applied in a clinical setting. More recently, regenerative approaches in terms of surgical applications, as well as even cosmetic areas such as the face, have been utilized as well. In some smaller-scale studies, effective results from PRP therapy have been seen in diverse medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction in males. Basically, the entire premise comes down to the isolation and utilization of the body's own derived cell growth factors. Sometimes repeat injections are required over the course of several months to facilitate optimal healing. Combining this therapy with other supportive approaches in terms of nutritional therapy and bioidentical hormone balancing can further enhance the efficacy and results.

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