Neural Therapy and Prolotherapy


Neural therapy is an injection technique that uses a combination of local anesthetic agents, homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals, and occasionally very low doses of pharmaceuticals. This technique is utilized in the supportive treatment of pain disorders and to achieve a more optimal balance of the autonomic nervous system. Neural therapy is believed to work on the autonomous nervous system by using a local anesthetic agent to restore equilibrium in the electrical gradients of nervous system branches at the superficial level.

Neural therapy is often very effective in terms of chronic pain issues and rebalancing the autonomic nervous system. It also tends to be good for chronic neck and shoulder pain, chronic pain in joints, digestive disorders, pelvic floor dysfunctions, mood disorders, support of general detoxification efficiency, lymph system function, and endocrine or hormonal balancing. Additional areas of consideration are areas of autonomic dysfunction caused by body trauma, such as surgical scars or other areas of traumatic impact to the body which maintain a neuroanatomical memory and result in imbalance in the integral regulation of cellular memory and electrical fields.

Initially, neural therapy treatments can be once weekly, generally over a period of three to five weeks on average. Depending on the clinical condition, the frequency of the treatments can be spread out to once or twice each month for two to three months and then as needed thereafter.


Neural therapy was reputedly discovered incidentally by a German physician whose wife’s sister had chronic migraine headaches following the surgical treatment of her gallbladder. All conventional therapies seemed to be diminutive in effectiveness, and the physician decided to do a trial of injecting the surgical incision scar with Procaine. Obviously, a relationship of a surgical scar and chronic migraines would seem to be noncontributory. That said, however, the patient actually did very well following this injection with an almost total resolution of her chronic migraine headaches. Thus was born the association of how the autonomic nervous system can have physiologic effects at distant sites in the body. That is because the autonomic nervous system (which consists of the branches of the nervous system that regulate most of all the bodily functions that we tend not to think about, such as breathing and heart rate, detoxification, neurotransmitter function, etc.) is regulated by electrical gradients in the body. Following a trauma to the body, such as an injury, a surgery, or even an emotional strain, the electrical balance of the autonomic nervous system can be altered. Local anesthetics, such as Procaine, work by rebalancing the electrical gradients of the nerve fibers. For that reason, it is thought that injections of Procaine and nutritional agents can have a significant effect on a myriad of medical problems.


Prolotherapy is an injection technique utilized to improve the connective tissue integrity of joints or other areas in the body which need repair or enhanced biosynthesis of collagen and fibrin. In many individuals, a condition generically referred to as tissue laxity is a common problem and also a common source of chronic pain. When the connective tissue that holds the joints in place, architecturally speaking, is not strong enough, then more free-form movement across the joint space tends to occur which causes chronic inflammation. Prolotherapy utilizes injections into the connective tissue ligaments of various types of connective tissue proliferants or enhancers. Interestingly, one of the most commonly used is actually glucose or common sugar. A combination of a low-dose of glucose and an anesthetic agent, such as Procaine, can enhance the strength of collagen and connective tissue at given sites. Very commonly, these injections are used to treat laxity of joint articulation such as the knee, shoulder, hips, etc. In general, a series of 5-8 injections will be required depending on the type of joint. However, in some more acute processes or smaller joints, such as elbows or ankles, 1-2 injections may be adequate.

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