Lab Testing

Lab testing Indianapolis IndianaThe Goal of Lab Testing

Laboratory testing is primarily aimed to review and define a broad landscape regarding the biochemical detail and cellular function of each individual. We glean important information from the more complex and detailed types of lab testing. In fact, we use this to precisely engineer an effective treatment regimen for each patient.

General laboratory panels, like that a physician performs at a yearly evaluation, may involve simple testing; such as a blood cell count, lipid status, and electrolyte analysis. While those types of tests remain essential, they do not show much depth as it relates to the broader understanding of cell function. At The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine, we use more detailed lab testing when needed for each individual patient. We look at things like neurotransmitter balance, metabolism, cellular energy production and a broader array of hormone balance and interaction. In addition, we evaluate, if necessary, for toxin accumulation; which includes heavy metals, gastrointestinal function, and other avenues. Doing so helps us to better define a patient's overall physiologic efficiency, including systems of biofeedback.

Our Clinical Lab Testing

At The Guyer Institute, we most frequently use the Mid America Clinical Laboratories to do our lab testing. First, we draw the blood samples at our office. Then, we send them to Mid America Clinical Laboratories to analyze. In turn, that company will bill the client’s primary insurance, thus ensuring optimal coverage. Finally, if there are other lab testing facilities that a patient's insurance company contracts with, we can provide a transfer to a lab within their network.

For those who do not have medical insurance or have high deductibles, we can still help them achieve considerable savings. To do this, we use laboratories which offer a direct pay system. In that case, the patient would pay the laboratory directly for the tests. In doing so, patients could submit the labs to insurance or use a health savings or other medical spending account. This cost-effective often creates a savings of 70 to 80 percent or more on laboratory fees. You may discuss your own options with the laboratory staff at The Guyer Institute. Contact us to learn more.

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