IV Vitamin Therapy

The Origination and Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy:

IV Vitamin C therapy | Vitamin C Supplements IndianapolisThe late Dr. John Myers originally developed IV vitamin therapy and IV mineral therapy several decades ago by  in Baltimore, Maryland. Through his own clinical practice, he discovered  the addition of IV vitamin therapy (aka the Myers’ cocktail) could significantly help many patients. Those patients included those suffering from chronic inflammation, slow cellular or connective tissue healing, or slow body healing in general.

In the research, IV vitamin therapy helped speed up recovery following surgery or trauma. In addition, it improved clinical detoxification, and enhance energy and metabolic efficiency. Also, it could quickly correct nutritional deficiencies such as iron, magnesium and zinc. Finally, Dr. Myers discovered that patients with simple infections, such as a cold or flu, or even complex infections, such as pneumonia, could improve recovery speed by using IV vitamin therapies.

The Right IV Vitamin Therapy Formula

IV vitamin therapy | Fibromyalgia treatment | Chronic fatigue treatment IndianapolisDr. Myers originally used basic formulations for IV therapy, including common vitamins and minerals contained in any multivitamin. These included zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, B-complex vitamins, and calcium. He would perform these infusions over a period of 45 minutes to an hour. He administered them with a small butterfly needle in an arm vein. The butterfly needle used was the same type used to draw blood samples from a pediatric patient. Thus, there was little to no discomfort. Dr. Myers treated many thousands of individuals with this treatment.

Others expanded and refined Dr. Myers’ initial discoveries and therapies, primarily through Alan Gaby, M.D., and Jonathan Wright, M.D.  Dr. Dale Guyer, founder of The Guyer Institute, learned of the therapy many years ago while in residency with Dr. Gaby. Now, thousands of practitioners around the world use IV vitamin therapy. And physician continue to evolve the practice and many other nutrients. For instance, we have added GPC for brain function. In addition, we have added amino acids, and phosphatidylcholine for restoring heart function, circulation and brain function efficiency.

IV Vitamin Therapy at The Guyer Institute:

At our clinic, we have performed well over 200,000 IV vitamin therapies. For many patients, they provide an essential way to enhance their overall well-being. We customize all of our therapies to fit the needs and clinical labs of each patient. Our rational stands that an IV infusion works better to directly absorb and enhance the plasma or blood availability of the nutrient. Alternatively, oral supplementation may have limitations from the digestive tract to absorb and achieve a similar benefit. Therefore, we can correct any deficiencies in the body, once diagnosed, with a just a few IV vitamin treatments, administered over one to three weeks. To restore normal levels with oral supplementation, this process may have taken two to three years. In that context, it can provide a much more helpful or accelerated cellular rejuvenation and response.

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