IV Vitamin Therapy

Intravenous (IV) vitamin and mineral therapy to a large degree was originally developed several decades ago by the late Dr. John Myers in Baltimore, Maryland. He had discovered through his own clinical practice that the adjunctive use of intravenous vitamin/mineral infusion therapy (aka the Myers’ cocktail) could be significantly helpful for many patients suffering from chronic inflammation, slow cellular or connective tissue healing, or body healing in general. IV Therapy could be helpful to speed up recovery following surgery or physical trauma, improve clinical detoxification, and enhance energy and metabolic efficiency. IV Therapy could also be very helpful to more expediently correct nutritional deficiencies such as iron, magnesium, zinc, or other trace minerals. In addition, Dr. Myers noted that patients with simple infections, such as a cold or flu, and even those suffering from more complex infections, such as pneumonia, could improve the speed of their recovery by the utilization of these IV vitamin infusion therapies. The original formulations used by Dr. Myers were relatively basic and for the most part would include the various vitamins and minerals that would be contained in any multivitamin, including, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, B-complex vitamins, and calcium. These infusions would be done over a period of 45 minutes to an hour and were administered with a small butterfly needle in an arm vein. The butterfly needle would be the type often used to draw blood samples from a pediatric patient. Thus, there was little to no discomfort. Dr. Myers treated many thousands of individuals with this treatment.

Dr. Myers’ initial discoveries and therapies were expanded and further refined primarily through the work of Alan Gaby, M.D., and Jonathan Wright, M.D. I, myself, learned of the therapy many years ago while in my own residency from Dr. Gaby. These therapies have now been used around the world by thousands of practitioners over the years and have undergone significant evolution and development with the availability of many other nutrients such as GPC for brain function, amino acids, phosphatidylcholine to restore heart function, circulation and brain function efficiency.

At our clinic, we have performed well over 100,000 IV therapies, and for many patients, they provide a core essential contribution to enhancing their overall well-being. The therapies are individualized depending on the clinical laboratory chemistries of each patient. The general rationale nutritionally is that an IV infusion will bypass the limitation of the digestive tract and its own mitigated ability to absorb directly and enhance the plasma or blood availability of any given nutrient. Therefore, deficiencies, once diagnosed, can be corrected with a few IV vitamin infusions administered over one to three weeks in what might otherwise have taken two to three years of oral supplementation to restore normal levels. In that context, it can provide a much more helpful or accelerated cellular rejuvenation and response.

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