Immune System Support

Immune system supportPhysiologic stress from therapies used for cancer, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation deplete many essential nutrients from the body. These may include Co-Enzyme Q10, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), B-Complex Vitamins, Glutathione, and Lipoic Acid. With nutrient depletion at the cellular level, patients can see an increase in side effects from mainstream therapy and potentially hinder the success of these programs.

Products for Immune System Support:

For immune system support, we at The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine have found a proprietary immune system anti-oxidant supplement, Immune Ox, very useful. This supplement can improve CD4+ immune cells by 24%, according to one published study. We have found this product very helpful as an adjunctive support in patients needing immune enhancement. Many  of these patients deal with various chronic fatigue states and nutrient deficiency. Immune Ox works to optimize the immune system to replace nutrients depleted by chemotherapy.

With twenty years of clinical experience, Dale Guyer, MD, Founder of The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine, chooses the immune system support products we recommend to patients. With extensive clinical experience of observing “what works,” Dr. Guyer creates treatment and supplement combinations which really provide clinical results. Thus, patients and clients can sort through the “wheat and chaff” in the broad marketplace and ensure a noticeable clinical benefit.

Nutrients that Aid in Immune System Support:

Some nutrients, when given with chemotherapy, can improve cancer cell-killing ability. These include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Quercetin (when administered with antibiotic-type chemotherapy agents such as doxorubicin). Other nutrients can decrease toxicity, including Vitamin E, Selenium, Co-Enzyme Q10, and Glutathione. However, we advise caution with these nutrients, as some may decrease the therapeutic effect of certain chemotherapy drugs such as Tamoxifen. 

Also consider that some specific antioxidant nutrients, like Vitamin C, may have selective anti-cancer potential when given in higher doses intravenously. Research published by The National Academy of Sciences demonstrated that precancerous tumors in mice were reduced about 50% by this therapy. Confirmation will require ongoing studies. While not likely a mainstream therapy, may be used as an adjunct or enhancement to existing therapies.

Combining therapies to more broadly support individual cases produces a more synergistic effect. This allows targeted therapeutic options that can help individuals reduce toxicity of available therapies, enhance outcomes, and maintain energy and well-being.

Other Considerations:

One important aspect when considering supplementation therapy involves ensuring proper therapeutic levels of nutrient supplementation. For example, doses of Biotin, often used to support hair growth, may require as high as 16,000 IU for effectiveness. The usual multivitamin may only contain 400 IU. Also, consider that the raw material should contain physician-grade purity levels. Unfortunately, many manufacturers will use inferior materials to manufacture their products.

Because of the potential toxicity of chemotherapeutic medications, use of nutritional supplements can help reduce the side effects of therapy. Some nutrients such as Co-Enzyme Q10 can decrease the likelihood of heart damage during chemotherapy. Topically applied antioxidant rich creams can also decrease skin irritation and burning during radiation therapy. Even supplementation with probiotics (friendly bacteria) can help. This therapy has shown broad spectrum benefit when included with conventional therapy.

Cancer therapy can be an intimidating process with uncertainty in the decision-making process. Using a comprehensive “holistic” program to balance all aspects of maintaining cellular health and well being to the degree possible can give the patient an enhanced outcome while decreasing complications and improving longevity.

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