Treatments at The Guyer Institute of Indianapolis

Please take time to review our comprehensive list of holistic treatments and services. Should you have any questions, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your treatment program with you. Services available at The Guyer Institute range from on site lab draws to procedures such as platelet rich plasma injections.

chronic pain

Got Chronic Pain? Find Relief with Body Healing Treatments at The Guyer Institute

Whether it’s relief from chronic pain or a desire to regain a youthful energy and vitality, body healing treatments at …

vitamin supplements on wooden spoon

Visit Our Supplement Store for 15% Off This Friday!

Thinking of trying natural supplements or a new vitamin regimen to boost your immune function and improve energy levels, …

Chronic Fatigue Treatment Requires Multifaceted Approach

Everyone feels a little tired sometimes, but chronic fatigue lasts for several months and can become quite debilitating for …