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We Can Help You Deal Much Better With The Winter Blues

You know you’re feeling depressed, but you don’t know why. You are not alone. Fifteen to twenty percent of adults feel this way when days get shorter, nights longer.

Feeling depressed is much more common in the winter months. It often stems from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). And The Guyer Institute can help you combat it.

“It’s not something you’re imagining,” says Dale Guyer, MD, founder of The Guyer Clinic and Synergy Spa. “There are real and sometimes complex chemical reactions happening which can lead to this condition.”

First, if your depression symptoms are serious, affecting sleep, work and life functioning, it’s important to see a physician.

Feeling depressed in a less intense way in the winter is frequently all about the lack of light.

Feeling depressed is tied to molecular biology. Natural chemicals in the body and brain regulate your circadian rhythm.

Vitamin D, in particular, is a critical substance tied to helping with mood stabilization during these months.

Studies also show that serotonin levels (serotonin plays a major factor in mood and brain health) drop when there is less light.

The Supplement Store of The Guyer Institute carries a number of products that can help you fight SAD, and feel better this winter.

Vitamin D – Supplementation with high doses of vitamin D seems to lessen the “winter blues. Activated Vitamin D receptors increase nerve growth in your brain.

The Supplement Store at The Guyer Institute carries Vit D3 5000.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Some research has shown that people with lower blood levels of omega 3 say they are feel more depressed, and have a more negative outlook.

The Supplement Store carries the EPA/DHA SP product to help you.

5-HTP – Less sunlight may cause a drop in serotonin, a neurotransmitter, which can trigger low moods/feeling depressed. Oral 5-HTP has been shown to be as effective as tryptophan in increasing levels of serotonin.

Give us a call at 317.580.9355, and then come in to get some of your levels checked. If you are suffering from SAD, we’ll go from there.

The Guyer Institute is ready to help you have a much more tolerable, enjoyable winter.

Let The Vampire® Help Thicken Your Thinning Hair Now

If you have thinning hair, don’t wait to act. There are steps you can take, but it’s important to start early in the hair loss. Like tomorrow.  

Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute has been offering the amazing Vampire Hair Re-Growth® treatment for over two years now – we know it works…non-surgically and painlessly. 

You’ve heard about the Vampire® treatment for thinning hair: women and men both rave about it. Synergy Spa is one of a handful of spas in Indiana approved to do them. Whatever the cause of thinning hair, we can help.

“There’s no denying how important most of us think it is to have as full a head of hair as possible,” says Synergy Spa CEO Denise Kaler. “It just looks better and feels better. Vampire Hair Re-Growth® energizes remaining follicles in thinning areas.”



This treatment utilizes PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma. This means your body’s own molecular structure is utilized to boost hair growth and reduce that thinning hair.

PRP is like a secret serum weapon. A member of Synergy Spa’s highly trained staff extracts a small amount of blood from the patient’s body.  

The platelets are isolated and collected using a high-tech centrifuge process approved by the FDA.

Afterward, the injections work to target thinning hair areas and increase blood flow to those segments of your scalp.


“This procedure for thinning hair can be done in about a half an hour with no recovery time,” Kaler says. “And Synergy Spa recommends that patients repeat the treatment about every 8-12 weeks. This is the best way to sustain follicle health and response.”

Again, Vampire Hair Re-Growth is applied to existing follicles, so don’t hold off until you have a bald spot or super sparse hair. Stay ahead of the curve.


Call Synergy Spa soon at 317-580-1SPA (317-580-1772) to schedule your procedure. No question, thinning hair needs and deserves your attention!

The Best Ways To Keep Up The Exercise Throughout 2018

Keep up the exercise after the resolution rush fades! That’s the New Year’s message from The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa.

The most difficult part with resolutions regarding fitness is the steady work required to stay in shape.

“So much about our health, our body’s balance, is mental,” says Dale Guyer, MD, founder of The Guyer Institute. “Your mind is your strongest ally and perhaps your greatest opponent. One strategy: keep up the exercise by making fitness more interesting.”

Here are a few newer and more interesting workout regimens or programs that could work for you in early 2018. Many are available in metro Indy! Or: create your own version for you and your workout friends to keep up the exercise.

Always consult with a physician prior to starting a new fitness regimen.

Trapezing: You get your own silk – a strong nylon blend – which hangs from an anchor a bit like a trapeze. Lift yourself into various positions and movements to build strength and increase flexibility.

Do the Derby: Roller Skating workout emphasizing skating positions and routines to build strength and increase aerobic fitness.

Hop To It: It’s called Kangoo. You get boots like inline skates, but with springs on the bottom. When you jump and land, it strengthens your core and quads while reducing the impact on your joints.

Personal Trampolining: The term Skyrobics has been coined for this fun workout. There’s a method to the “madness” that will get your heart racing.

In addition, there are supplements we carry at The Guyer Institute’s Supplement Store that help boost energy and make your body run more efficiently.

SynerG: a multivitamin/antioxidant. When exercising, it’s vital to give your body access to all the vitamins and minerals needed.

Magnesium Supplement | MGPro | Indianapolis supplement store

Magnesium – helps your electrolytes stay balanced. Can reduce the risk of muscle spasms.

CoQ10 – decreases recovery time after strenuous exercise.

Ask our knowledgeable staff at The Guyer Institute about supplements that make the most sense for you.

Keep up the exercise this January and beyond. Help your body perform at its peak!

Help Your Face Look Lustrous This New Year With PRP

Let’s face it, we all want to look our best, and PRP for the face is one place to start. 

We’re moving into a new year. Now’s the time to capture your best attributes and bring them forward.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. The treatment provides a rich, natural radiance for the face. 

Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute offers the full range of fillers, but PRP for the face is favored by some because it is organic. The refreshing, healing treatment works to highlight your natural beauty.

Our P.A. Bridget Williamson does the treatments, which help diminish lines and imperfections.

“PRP for the face uses your skin’s nutrient riches,” says Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa. “It utilizes stem cells and growth factors to help restore luster and vibrancy. I’ve done it, and I love it!”

With PRP, centrifuge machines and techniques approved by the FDA spin a small amount of a patient’s blood until the growth factors contained in platelets are purified by separation.

The resulting plasma is then injected into your face. The whole process is done at Synergy Spa in about an hour.

It’s generally recommended that patients have at least three PRP for the face treatments about six to eight weeks apart for significant, positive results. And men see great results, too!

Add Micro-needling for The Vampire® Facial

PRP for the face at Synergy Spa is one thing: getting the isolated, strengthening substances exactly where they need to go is one step further. 

The Vampire® Facial adds micro-needling. This treatment targets skin imperfections such as uneven pigmentation, age spots, redness, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagginess.

It works with PRP for the face to move you toward even-toned, soft, smooth skin. The focused, energized therapy helps revitalize collagen levels.

“I have seen amazing results from the Vampire® Facial time and time again,” Kaler says. “If you get this treatment at Synergy Spa, you’ll be so pleased.”

Face the facts: this is a step you ought to take. Make the new year even better than you hoped!

Fight Winter Aches, Pains With Anti-Inflammatory Steps

We hear the phrase anti-inflammatory so often, it’s almost easy to ignore it. The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa advises: don’t ignore it. Inflammation is real, and it creates real problems. There are steps you can take to fight it.

Winter aches, pains

Case in point: winter. If you feel more aches and pains during the winter months, it’s probably your body’s inflammatory response revving up. Often the immune system is fighting poor dietary choices, as well as bacteria and viruses. That process can cause inflammation.

You feel it when the thermometer drops. Your joints hurt more. A muscle aches for no apparent reason. You need an anti-inflammatory to feel better – and maybe one of The Guyer Institute’s effective treatments, too.

In our Supplement Store, you’ll find SPM, a breakthrough nutritional product that promotes tissue health and immune response support. As the manufacturer says, SPM “supports the body’s natural capacity to physical challenges and resolve physical stress.”

This is an anti-inflammatory weapon working at its best.


Another superb pain-fighting product we carry at the Guyer Institute is called the “Super Anti-Inflammatory,” a proprietary blend of natural anti-inflammatories created by Dr. Dale Guyer himself.

“It’s the right product to tackle your aches and pains directly and powerfully,” says Dr. Guyer.

A third highly effective anti-inflammatory in the Supplement Store is Vitamin D3 5000. Research shows that appropriate levels of Vitamin D can help block the inflammation cascade.

One study reported that the optimum level of Vitamin D “outlines a clear chain of cellular events, from the binding of DNA to the reduction of proteins known to trigger inflammation.”

Indianapolis supplement store

Wintertime and holidays can also lead to weeks or more of poor dietary choices. That can easily inflame the GI tract. All of our anti-inflammatory supplements can help.

If you are interested in treatments for inflammation, we recommend you consider:

MG Pro – creates energy waves which enhance cellular and immune function.

Shockwave Treatment – patients report significant pain reduction after low-level sound waves are applied.

HBOT – optimizes oxygen levels to help heal tissue and fight fatigue.

Follow this anti-inflammatory advice from the Guyer Institute, and feel better this winter!

Target Unwanted Fat With Remarkable CoolSculpting®

This holiday season, losing some unwanted fat is only one easy procedure away. It’s the perfect time to sneak in a CoolSculpting® session at Synergy Spa of the Guyer Institute.

You’ve heard of it: the remarkable fat freezing vacuum technology that targets unwanted fat and dissolves the molecules away.

CoolSculpting® has been used on nearly 30 million consumers, and its popularity continues to climb.

“This amazing procedure is FDA-cleared to target eight different areas of the body,” says Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa. “It is safe, painless, and has no downtime. Most important, CoolSculpting® works better than anything else on the market to help reduce unwanted fat.”

Synergy Spa is one of a handful of CoolSculpting-certified practices in Indiana. CoolSculpting® can get at all the areas that matter: the belly, arms, thighs, neck, and under the chin.

unwanted fat removal with CoolAdvantage

Treatments are being done by Jessica Loesch, who is a certified technician and has attended CoolSculpting University in Reston, Virginia, so she has the very latest techniques to deliver the best possible results.

There’s more news. It’s called the CoolAdvantage. The remarkable applicator means the treatment can be done twice as fast, in about a half-hour.

It targets unwanted fat more precisely, which means better results. This simple, streamlined procedure at Synergy Spa allows more time to be spent on more areas in one procedure. Areas like love handles, bra bulge, underarms, and your back.

“CoolAdvantage really upped the game,” says Denise. “Patients have heard about, and tell us they want it. It’s a smart decision.”

cooladvantage to fight unwanted fat

Getting cool-sculpted involves no needles and no special dieting. The procedure, on average, leads to 25% less unwanted fat on the targeted areas.

“You’re going to notice that,” Denise says. “You’ll look better, feel better, and your clothes will thank you too.”

Fortunately, CoolSculpting® can be go to work on unwanted fat more than once. We’ll work with you on shaping the right plan that fits your body and your goals.

Give Synergy Spa a call at 317-580-1SPA (1772). It’s time to consult and get down to some CoolSculpting®!


Depressed And Anxious During Holidays? You’re Not Alone

Amid the building holiday cheer, it’s easy to feel depressed and anxious. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.

Others seem excited, busy, ready to celebrate and see family. But in fact, holiday depression and anxiety are very common. It’s something you can minimize.

This time of year

Treatments at The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa can help. As well, with some advice we’ve put together from years of seeing patients all year around. Especially around the holidays. That’s when people often seek to look their best and feel depressed and anxious when they don’t.

“There are strategies and substantive steps to take,” says Dale Guyer, MD, the Institute founder. “The important thing is to recognize it’s not unusual. It’s okay to feel this way.”

IV VITAMIN THERAPY. This therapy keeps gaining in popularity. First, it can increase energy at a time when it’s easy to get worn out. Further, ingredients such as Magnesium and B complex can lessen effects of feeling depressed and anxious.

MG-PRO. At The Guyer Institute, we use MG-PRO’s Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field – energy waves – to enhance cellular energy and support repair and rejuvenation. This treatment can boost feelings of well being. Meaning: not as depressed and anxious.

ONDAMED®. This technology measures bioelectrical fields – the body’s “overall energy field” – to get information often missed by traditional blood tests. It is used therapeutically and diagnostically to understand your autonomic nervous system. That helps restore your healing mechanisms reach a more optimal state.

Practical Steps to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Talk About It

You’ll see that people will understand, and that you’re not alone

Don’t Be So Ambitious

You can only do so much. Don’t try to do it all

Less Yes

Everyone wants your time and company. Say no more than you used to do.

Do What’s Good For You

It’s almost a given that people stop eating healthy and reduce exercise. In a word, don’t.

Get Out Into The Sun For A While When You Can

Less light in the winter can affect body chemistry and balance, and make you gloomy.

Feeling depressed and anxious this time of year can be a real problem. The Guyer Institute has real answers. Give our experienced staff a call 317.580.9355 today.

Helping You And Your Partner Have An Improved Sex Life

If you want an improved sex life (and who doesn’t), then the Medical Wave “shock wave” sound treatment is for your man. Or men, it’s for you!

Medical Wave is the latest remarkable step in a series of non-surgical treatments that improve your sex life. It leads to enhanced sensitivity, stronger erections, increased volume, and climax satisfaction.

Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute offers three procedures for male sex improvement (Medical Wave, ALMI ManShot, and the P-Shot). They have no downtime, and combined with the ALMI ManShot, increases a man’s “uptime.”

“We’re really pleased with the excitement we see in our patients,” says Dale Guyer, MD, the Institute’s founder and medical director. “They’re seeing results they’ve sought for a long time.”


Each Medical Wave treatment lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. They:

* Stimulate the release of growth factors

* Generate new blood vessels and cell growth

* Break up plaque formation in existing blood vessels

* Lead to stronger, harder, more lasting erections

The surefire way to have an improved sex life, men, is to combine the Medical Wave with the ALMI ManShot.

For ALMI, At Synergy Spa, our expertly-trained P.A. withdraws blood and fat tissue that includes stem cells. The platelets are then separated. Then, in one 90 minute treatment, the platelets and stem cells are injected into the side of the penis and surrounding area.

The ALMI ManShot shows almost immediate improvement in penis girth. This, say women and men both, leads to an improved sex life.

“Science has really helped boost sexual performance and enjoyment for men, and not just with medication,” says Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa. “Medical Wave and the ALMI ManShot can rejuvenate male performance.”

Men can also opt for the P-Shot, ALMI ManShot, or Medical Wave as a complete treatment. Or: add Medical Wave therapy as an adjunct to either the P-Shot or ALMI.

This study reports that sound shockwave therapy on the penis “is a revolutionary treatment of ED, and probably possesses unprecedented qualities that can rehabilitate erectile tissue.

Centers across the country using Medical Wave say about 75% of men report being satisfied.

Ladies, tell your guy, and either of you can give us a call at 317-580-1772 to set up a consultation. What are you waiting for?

Help Us Help The Hungry – Our Food Drive Starts 11-27

There are many things you can do than help the hungry. And we’re here to help open the door.

At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we pride ourselves on helping our patients stay healthy. Staying well-fed with proper nutrition is an absolute necessity for good health.

There are many thousands in metro Indy alone who don’t get enough of the right foods to eat. They need others to notice them and care.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa will begin its seventh annual food drive. It runs November 27th until December 29th. You certainly don’t have to be a patient to help the hungry.

Our goal: 500 pounds of goods we can then transport to area food banks.

“We’re gratified to to help the hungry each holiday season,” says Dale Guyer, M.D. “We’re in the heart of Indianapolis. It’s easy to buy goods and bring them over.”

You can donate non-perishable items MondayFriday from 9am to 5pm in our supplement store.

We all cross their paths. Mothers with young children at the discount stores. They struggle to pay for school clothes. Some can’t afford even one meal of healthy food a day.

We see people on the streets: lined up at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, churches, and food banks.

time to help the needy eat better

Teachers see children who are hungry in school…every day. Nurses see the elderly at hospitals who come in sick – and hungry – every day.

There’s a 10% discount on our supplements for those who bring one to four food items. Five items or more, and we’ll offer a 15% savings.

“The truth is, most people don’t donate food just for the discount,” says Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa. “They do it because they know it is so needed.”

It’s an easy decision to go by the grocery store in the next few weeks, and bring your goods by to our facility at 836 E. 86th St.

The food drive, again, starts 11-27 and runs until 12-29.

Thanks in advance for helping The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa…help the hungry.

We Can Be Your Center For Cold and Flu Protection

With colder temperatures comes the clear need for cold and flu protection.

The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa has a battery of tools in our arsenal to reduce the risks. You can fight the dreaded cold, or even worse, the debilitating flu.

nutrients can beat back a cold
Stay Healthy This Winter

We know frequent hand washing, hand sanitizer use, and covering up sneezing/coughing are essential to cold and flu protection. But we can help you do a lot more.

“So much of the body’s defenses comes down to the strength of the immune system,” says Dale Guyer, MD, founder and medical director of The Guyer Institute. “We have products and treatments to quickly maximize your immune system performance.”

The Supplement Store offers an array of proven products to keep defenses fine-tuned for cold and flu protection.

Transfer Factor: Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ is a daily use immune support product. It promotes healthy NK (Natural Killer) cell levels, keeping bugs at bay. It also assists the body in elevating low NK levels.

Viracid: This product acts at the first sign of exposure to an outside invader. The immune system is very sensitive to nutrient deficiencies. Viracid includes a powerful combination of key nutrients and botanical extracts. They can provide immediate support.

supplements matter in preventing a cold

Vitamin D: Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with low immune levels as well as an increased susceptibility to infection. Deficiencies can increase during the colder months due to shortened days. Our Vitamin D supplements can boost your levels significantly.

You can take any of our cold-fighting supplements before you catch a cold. During an illness, they also minimize severity and duration.

At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, MG Pro magnetic therapy and IV Vitamin Therapy also boost cold and flu protection.

elevate your immune levels
Nutrients in Balance

MG Pro creates energy waves which enhance cellular energy and support repair and rejuvenation. This boosts immune function.

IV Vitamin Therapy bypasses the digestive tract. The effects can take hold faster by achieving elevated levels in the blood. There’s no recovery time needed.

There’s no point in waiting to bolster your cold and flu protection. Stay ahead of sickness: come and see us soon!

We Can Help You Deal Much Better With The Winter Blues

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