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Target Unwanted Fat With Remarkable CoolSculpting®

This holiday season, losing some unwanted fat is only one easy procedure away. It’s the perfect time to sneak in a CoolSculpting® session at Synergy Spa of the Guyer Institute.

You’ve heard of it: the remarkable fat freezing vacuum technology that targets unwanted fat and dissolves the molecules away.

CoolSculpting® has been used on nearly 30 million consumers, and its popularity continues to climb.

“This amazing procedure is FDA-cleared to target eight different areas of the body,” says Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa. “It is safe, painless, and has no downtime. Most important, CoolSculpting® works better than anything else on the market to help reduce unwanted fat.”

Synergy Spa is one of a handful of CoolSculpting-certified practices in Indiana. CoolSculpting® can get at all the areas that matter: the belly, arms, thighs, neck, and under the chin.

unwanted fat removal with CoolAdvantage

Treatments are being done by Jessica Loesch, who is a certified technician and has attended CoolSculpting University in Reston, Virginia, so she has the very latest techniques to deliver the best possible results.

There’s more news. It’s called the CoolAdvantage. The remarkable applicator means the treatment can be done twice as fast, in about a half-hour.

It targets unwanted fat more precisely, which means better results. This simple, streamlined procedure at Synergy Spa allows more time to be spent on more areas in one procedure. Areas like love handles, bra bulge, underarms, and your back.

“CoolAdvantage really upped the game,” says Denise. “Patients have heard about, and tell us they want it. It’s a smart decision.”

cooladvantage to fight unwanted fat

Getting cool-sculpted involves no needles and no special dieting. The procedure, on average, leads to 25% less unwanted fat on the targeted areas.

“You’re going to notice that,” Denise says. “You’ll look better, feel better, and your clothes will thank you too.”

Fortunately, CoolSculpting® can be go to work on unwanted fat more than once. We’ll work with you on shaping the right plan that fits your body and your goals.

Give Synergy Spa a call at 317-580-1SPA (1772). It’s time to consult and get down to some CoolSculpting®!


Depressed And Anxious During Holidays? You’re Not Alone

Amid the building holiday cheer, it’s easy to feel depressed and anxious. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.

Others seem excited, busy, ready to celebrate and see family. But in fact, holiday depression and anxiety are very common. It’s something you can minimize.

This time of year

Treatments at The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa can help. As well, with some advice we’ve put together from years of seeing patients all year around. Especially around the holidays. That’s when people often seek to look their best and feel depressed and anxious when they don’t.

“There are strategies and substantive steps to take,” says Dale Guyer, MD, the Institute founder. “The important thing is to recognize it’s not unusual. It’s okay to feel this way.”

IV VITAMIN THERAPY. This therapy keeps gaining in popularity. First, it can increase energy at a time when it’s easy to get worn out. Further, ingredients such as Magnesium and B complex can lessen effects of feeling depressed and anxious.

MG-PRO. At The Guyer Institute, we use MG-PRO’s Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field – energy waves – to enhance cellular energy and support repair and rejuvenation. This treatment can boost feelings of well being. Meaning: not as depressed and anxious.

ONDAMED®. This technology measures bioelectrical fields – the body’s “overall energy field” – to get information often missed by traditional blood tests. It is used therapeutically and diagnostically to understand your autonomic nervous system. That helps restore your healing mechanisms reach a more optimal state.

Practical Steps to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Talk About It

You’ll see that people will understand, and that you’re not alone

Don’t Be So Ambitious

You can only do so much. Don’t try to do it all

Less Yes

Everyone wants your time and company. Say no more than you used to do.

Do What’s Good For You

It’s almost a given that people stop eating healthy and reduce exercise. In a word, don’t.

Get Out Into The Sun For A While When You Can

Less light in the winter can affect body chemistry and balance, and make you gloomy.

Feeling depressed and anxious this time of year can be a real problem. The Guyer Institute has real answers. Give our experienced staff a call 317.580.9355 today.

Helping You And Your Partner Have An Improved Sex Life

If you want an improved sex life (and who doesn’t), then the Medical Wave “shock wave” sound treatment is for your man. Or men, it’s for you!

Medical Wave is the latest remarkable step in a series of non-surgical treatments that improve your sex life. It leads to enhanced sensitivity, stronger erections, increased volume, and climax satisfaction.

Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute offers three procedures for male sex improvement (Medical Wave, ALMI ManShot, and the P-Shot). They have no downtime, and combined with the ALMI ManShot, increases a man’s “uptime.”

“We’re really pleased with the excitement we see in our patients,” says Dale Guyer, MD, the Institute’s founder and medical director. “They’re seeing results they’ve sought for a long time.”


Each Medical Wave treatment lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. They:

* Stimulate the release of growth factors

* Generate new blood vessels and cell growth

* Break up plaque formation in existing blood vessels

* Lead to stronger, harder, more lasting erections

The surefire way to have an improved sex life, men, is to combine the Medical Wave with the ALMI ManShot.

For ALMI, At Synergy Spa, our expertly-trained P.A. withdraws blood and fat tissue that includes stem cells. The platelets are then separated. Then, in one 90 minute treatment, the platelets and stem cells are injected into the side of the penis and surrounding area.

The ALMI ManShot shows almost immediate improvement in penis girth. This, say women and men both, leads to an improved sex life.

“Science has really helped boost sexual performance and enjoyment for men, and not just with medication,” says Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa. “Medical Wave and the ALMI ManShot can rejuvenate male performance.”

Men can also opt for the P-Shot, ALMI ManShot, or Medical Wave as a complete treatment. Or: add Medical Wave therapy as an adjunct to either the P-Shot or ALMI.

This study reports that sound shockwave therapy on the penis “is a revolutionary treatment of ED, and probably possesses unprecedented qualities that can rehabilitate erectile tissue.

Centers across the country using Medical Wave say about 75% of men report being satisfied.

Ladies, tell your guy, and either of you can give us a call at 317-580-1772 to set up a consultation. What are you waiting for?

Help Us Help The Hungry – Our Food Drive Starts 11-27

There are many things you can do than help the hungry. And we’re here to help open the door.

At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we pride ourselves on helping our patients stay healthy. Staying well-fed with proper nutrition is an absolute necessity for good health.

There are many thousands in metro Indy alone who don’t get enough of the right foods to eat. They need others to notice them and care.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa will begin its seventh annual food drive. It runs November 27th until December 29th. You certainly don’t have to be a patient to help the hungry.

Our goal: 500 pounds of goods we can then transport to area food banks.

“We’re gratified to to help the hungry each holiday season,” says Dale Guyer, M.D. “We’re in the heart of Indianapolis. It’s easy to buy goods and bring them over.”

You can donate non-perishable items MondayFriday from 9am to 5pm in our supplement store.

We all cross their paths. Mothers with young children at the discount stores. They struggle to pay for school clothes. Some can’t afford even one meal of healthy food a day.

We see people on the streets: lined up at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, churches, and food banks.

time to help the needy eat better

Teachers see children who are hungry in school…every day. Nurses see the elderly at hospitals who come in sick – and hungry – every day.

There’s a 10% discount on our supplements for those who bring one to four food items. Five items or more, and we’ll offer a 15% savings.

“The truth is, most people don’t donate food just for the discount,” says Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa. “They do it because they know it is so needed.”

It’s an easy decision to go by the grocery store in the next few weeks, and bring your goods by to our facility at 836 E. 86th St.

The food drive, again, starts 11-27 and runs until 12-29.

Thanks in advance for helping The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa…help the hungry.

We Can Be Your Center For Cold and Flu Protection

With colder temperatures comes the clear need for cold and flu protection.

The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa has a battery of tools in our arsenal to reduce the risks. You can fight the dreaded cold, or even worse, the debilitating flu.

nutrients can beat back a cold
Stay Healthy This Winter

We know frequent hand washing, hand sanitizer use, and covering up sneezing/coughing are essential to cold and flu protection. But we can help you do a lot more.

“So much of the body’s defenses comes down to the strength of the immune system,” says Dale Guyer, MD, founder and medical director of The Guyer Institute. “We have products and treatments to quickly maximize your immune system performance.”

The Supplement Store offers an array of proven products to keep defenses fine-tuned for cold and flu protection.

Transfer Factor: Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ is a daily use immune support product. It promotes healthy NK (Natural Killer) cell levels, keeping bugs at bay. It also assists the body in elevating low NK levels.

Viracid: This product acts at the first sign of exposure to an outside invader. The immune system is very sensitive to nutrient deficiencies. Viracid includes a powerful combination of key nutrients and botanical extracts. They can provide immediate support.

supplements matter in preventing a cold

Vitamin D: Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with low immune levels as well as an increased susceptibility to infection. Deficiencies can increase during the colder months due to shortened days. Our Vitamin D supplements can boost your levels significantly.

You can take any of our cold-fighting supplements before you catch a cold. During an illness, they also minimize severity and duration.

At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, MG Pro magnetic therapy and IV Vitamin Therapy also boost cold and flu protection.

elevate your immune levels
Nutrients in Balance

MG Pro creates energy waves which enhance cellular energy and support repair and rejuvenation. This boosts immune function.

IV Vitamin Therapy bypasses the digestive tract. The effects can take hold faster by achieving elevated levels in the blood. There’s no recovery time needed.

There’s no point in waiting to bolster your cold and flu protection. Stay ahead of sickness: come and see us soon!

IV Therapy helps your mind, beauty and body

With No Appointment, IV Treatment Is Easier Than Ever

Walk-in IV Treatment is smart and well worth it. It helps your body and brain health.

The Synergy Spa is now open for patients to come right in and get the IV treatment of their choice. Hours for this service are from 8:30-4 Monday through Friday.

The therapies are done right there on the same property as the Spa at The Guyer Institute.

IV treatment is more popular than ever

These wonderful IV Vitamin Therapies are now available to anybody. And now it is not necessary to be a patient of Dr. Guyer to receive one.

Dramatic Increase in Interest

The popularity of IV Treatment – for energy, beauty, disease or cold prevention, and stress reduction – has exploded recently. Dr. Guyer was the pioneer in Indianapolis to offer IV Vitamin therapies.

Thousands have been administered at his practice. Synergy Spa – the most respected MedSpa in metro Indy, is pleased to offer this service!

“The exuberance from the clients of the Spa over the Beauty IVs has been phenomenal,” says Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute.

Now, we’ve just made IV Treatment a lot easier.

Iv Treatment replenishes

IV treatment takes one hour of one day. There’s no pain, no downtime, and no recovery phase needed with IV Therapy.

“At any point in time,” says Dr. Dale Guyer, “certain nutrients in your body may be deficient. IV Therapy clearly helps achieve elevated, effective levels.”

To see what Synergy Spa’s IV Therapy is like, try our ‘Get Acquainted” IV for a low $125, then decide if you want more targeted treatments.

Try The Beauty IV For Sure

This combination helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and suppresses blemishes. It enhances collagen production to restore elasticity and energize healthy skin. Cost: $150.

Wellness and Vibrancy IV

– $175

Does your hectic lifestyle lead to stress, depression, or headaches? What about allergies, fatigue and muscle pain?

IV Treatment keeps your body in balance
IV Treatment boosts energy

This IV has antioxidant effects, and reduces system stress. It also boosts the immune system and can reduce cellular inflammation.

Athletic IV

– $190

The Athletic IV gives you the extra edge in the gym or on the field. The therapy balances your electrolytes. It provides the building blocks for muscle endurance and cellular energy. You can work out harder, play harder, and do your job better, too.

Morning After IV (Detox-city)

– $225

Maybe you’re feeling the cumulative effects of poor health choices? No worries, we have the hydration formula that works wonders.

IV Treatment works wonders

Energy Boost IV

– $175

Fights destructive free radicals, strengthens the immune system, maximizes cellular performance, and much more.

See for more information.

IV Therapy at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute is amazing. It’s so easy because it’s available without an appointment. Again, drop by anytime Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. See you soon!

Shock Wave Therapy Has Ability To Alleviate Your Pain

Stressed, overworked muscles, ligaments, and tendons can lead to pain, and shock wave therapy can help. It reduces that discomfort. The tretament works where other efforts to lower pain have failed.

The treatment is also known as extracorporeal (external) shock wave therapy, or ESWT. The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa offer this promising, non-invasive pain relief program.

can help reduce chronic pain

Patients report significant pain reduction after low-level sound waves are applied. They point to overall feelings of elevated wellness.

Patients Thrilled With Results

Our expert staff administers the exciting shock wave therapy. “It’s really remarkable the effects I see and hear about,” Lori Rivera, ND says.

“These sound waves are clearly helping to stimulate circulation. This can lower both acute and chronic pain in the people I see.”

Several areas of the body treated with EWST therapy show decreased pain levels. They include the knee, heel, foot, ankle, hamstring, back, neck, shoulder, wrist, and hand.

http://More on reducing pain

Painful conditions such as rotator cuff deterioration, tennis elbow, and plantar fasciitis in the heel can be very painful. They show demonstrative improvement after shock wave therapy.

shock wave therapy helps improve circulation to lower chronic pain

This treatment we do at The Guyer Institute accelerates the healing process in the body. It stimulates the metabolism and enhancing blood circulation to regenerate damaged tissue.

The treatment method is FDA-cleared and often shows immediate results. There are few if any side effects reported.

The sound waves are applied to the affected areas on the outside of the body. There’s no downtime, scarring or risk of infection.

Research Findings on Shock Wave Therapy

Some clinical studies show pain reduction in 91% of patients who undergo the shock wave therapy.

Patient satisfaction approaches 80%. We see similar results at The Guyer Institute.

A research piece published in Muscle, Ligament & Tendons Journal reports good news. The “neovascularization may play a role in the improvement of blood supply and healing of tendon.”

If you have questions or want to set up a consult about this pioneering pain reduction therapy known as shock wave therapy, call The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa at 317-580-9355.

The trip to try ESWT is a trip worth taking!

The Magic Behind What We Do Is In Our Talented Staff

A great MedSpa is only as good as its people, and we’d like to introduce you to Bridget Williamson, one of our newest staff members. We are so pleased to have Bridget and her talents here at Synergy Spa.

Bridget Williamson

Bridget is a master’s level Physician’s Assistant, or P.A., and she comes to us with five years of expert training in the aesthetics field, as well as a strong career in health care and direct patient relations and oversight.

“Synergy Spa is really fortunate to have attracted someone with Bridget’s outlook and experience,” says Denise Kaler, our CEO. “She’s got superb skills and judgment, and a warm, attentive demeanor. Patients love seeing her.”

| Anti-aging Facial | Vitamin-infused serums

“It’s a great opportunity to be here at this MedSpa,” Bridget says. “I really enjoy the environment, the staff, and all the aesthetic treatments I can offer patients to make them look and feel beautiful, strong, and healthy.”

Bridget is doing many of our most popular procedures. They include:

  • ALMI – for the face, neck, chest and hands
  • O-shot®
  • P-shot®
  • Vampire Breastlift®
  • Vampire Facial® (micro-needling with PRP)
  • Vampire Facelift® (PRP and fillers)
  • Advanced injection techniques for the face using Dysport, Botox, and all of the latest available fillers

ALMI is a remarkable skin rejuvenation procedure that can turn back the clock for a more youthful appearance. It markedly improves skin tone and texture, especially on the face, neck, chest and hands.


The injections are simple, painless, and effective. This therapy combines stem cells drawn from the patient’s own micronized fatty tissue with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for an amazing result.

The sensational Vampire® procedures at Synergy Spa utilize the patient’s own platelet rich plasma (PRP). It is injected into the tissue. A numbing cream and a micro needling system is utilized to minimize discomfort.

Mind Body Wellness | Wellness Seminars | A4M Las Vegas

The platelets, when re-introduced, help produce new collagen, smoothing fatty tissue, as well as new blood vessels. This increases the skin’s glow and nutrient flow.

Bridget and the whole team at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute are always ahead of the curve.

Your well-being is our overriding focus, and it’s our people who makes us the most popular and respected Med Spa in metro Indianapolis.

Breast Cancer Care And Awareness Can Never Waver

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it is as important as ever.

The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa wants to be sure you know about some of of the ways we help women who’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and may be undergoing treatment.

“Breast cancer is far too common,” says Dale Guyer, founder and medical director of the institute. “And it needs to receive intense focus and ongoing, well-funded research.

For those already dealing with the illness, we have some treatments that can make a difference.”

Pulsating Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF)

Our pioneering MG Pro treatment at The Guyer Institute

helps to achieve electrical balance within cells and restore cellular energy. This is important for all cells, and particularly diseased ones.

Utilizing MG-Pro can also improve oxygenation and circulation.

A 2013 research report on the National Institute of Health website indicates that PEMF shows some positive effects on inhibiting the growth rates or even breaking down breast cancer cells.

The reports stated that after several days of higher-intensity PEMF frequencies, “it appears that PEMF-based anti-cancer strategies may represent a new therapeutic approach to treat breast cancer without affecting normal tissues.”

A 2016 report in the journal, Cancer Medicine, said a review of studies show “PEMF therapy is safe and promising compared to other available cancer therapies.”

MG Pro at The Guyer Institute operates at lower frequencies, but it utilizes the same electromagnetic pulsing and may have an impact on breast cancer cells.

MG Pro has also demonstrated promise in relieving stress, which can be heightened by chemo for breast cancer.

“We have our sessions set up in a low light, comfortable private room,” says our naturopath Lori Rivera, “complete with a view of Dr. Guyer’s beautiful botanical gardens, plenty of comfy blankets, and a flat screen TV.”

Reducing Effects of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy for breast cancer or other cancers can put the immune system out of balance.

At The Supplement Store of The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we carry a proprietary immune system anti-oxidant supplement called Immune Ox.

Breast cancer demands all the best tools available to fight it. We’ll keep doing our part.

October 19th, Save $40.00 On Our Fire and Ice Facial Day

If it’s good enough for the legendary Hungarian “treatment rooms,” then the Fire & Ice Facial is ideal for you.

And on Thursday, October 19, Synergy Spa of the Guyer Institute is having a fantastic Fire & Ice special. If you call 317-580-1SPA(1772) and schedule an appointment between 10:00 and 4:00, you can get the red carpet treatment for your face for just $60.

Fire and ice facial procedure | Reduce facial wrinkles

“The Fire & Ice Facials created by iS Clinical are one of the most popular treatments we offer at Synergy Spa,” says CEO Denise Kaler. “This is a great price, and if you haven’t had one of these facials before, it’s the perfect time to see how good you’ll look and feel after you do.”

Results from the Fire & Ice Facial are incredible and fast. What’s more, there is no downtime or delay in seeing the new radiance on your skin. They are wonderful treatments for women and men.

Regular patrons often call their lunchtime Fire & Ice as “The Power Lunch.” It’s powerful, soothing, hydrating, and has clear anti-aging effects.

youthful appearance

And what makes it work so well? It’s the combination of fire, then ice, of course.

“The iS Clinical Fire & Ice begins with an active tingling mask to warm and deep-clean the skin,” Denise says. “It ends with a cool, rejuvenating mask to wake up, invigorate, and illuminate.”

Heat and stimulation increase blood flow and circulation. The cooling products then reduce any inflammation or swelling.

These extraordinary facials can also help lessen the effects of acne, rosacea, and hyper-pigmented skin conditions.

On the 19th, Synergy Spa will also have our iSClinical on hand to tell guests more about the Fire & Ice Facial, and answer questions. It’s a special privilege.

Also that Thursday, Bali Silver & Stone will have a jewelry display up for your shopping between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Their gems will take your breath away.

October 19th at Synergy Spa. Time to look your best with a discounted Fire & Ice Facial, and if you cannot make the 19th, the special price is extended one day only through Friday, October 20th!

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