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Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection

ALMI skin rejuvenating facialThe Guyer Institute is the first in Indiana performing ALMI – “All Me – All Natural” Rejuvenation procedure!

ALMI - the most exciting thing to come to the aesthetic world since PRP. This revolutionary treatment will help you turn back the hands of time to a more youthful you.

With ALMI, You Can Fight The Signs of Aging!


The very latest in Regenerative Medicine: ALMI uses cutting edge technology involving Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Micronized Adipose Tissue, Stem Cells and Stromal Cells.

ALMI – “All Me” (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) involves a revolutionary skin rejuvenation procedure using your own tissues to restore volume, texture and tone. The all-natural procedure works as a simple, outpatient treatment that can turn back the clock in about an hour, with minimal to no downtime.

When people get older and lose collagen, or even experience weight loss, they lose the volume and the structural support to their skin. ALMI remains a very safe, easy, effective, lasting and economical way to replace larger volume loss and rejuvenate the aging face!

Your body slows collagen production in your mid-to late-20’s. By age 40, most people have up to 20% collagen loss and by age 50 30% collagen loss. In order to restore the volume to a younger state, we must rebuild the volume and structure of skin for a more youthful appearance. Using a combination of the body’s regenerative cells and fat tissue, the ALMI offers complete rejuvenation and natural looking results without going under the knife.

The ALMI Procedure, a nonsurgical treatment program, uses your own regenerative cells and fat tissue to address everything that happens to our skin with aging. Dr. Dale Guyer trained specifically in the techniques and methodology of ALMI to maximize optimal results.

The ALMI offers a complete rejuvenation with natural looking results as the entire procedure comes from YOU!

While a new treatment, fat transfer procedures such as ALMI have been around for several years. The duration of results seems to be 7 to 10 years in viability.

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