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Chronic Fatigue Treatment Requires Multifaceted Approach

Everyone feels a little tired sometimes, but chronic fatigue lasts for several months and can become quite debilitating for some patients. Feeling left behind this summer and tired all the time? Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), often triggered by a combination of factors, may be what’s dragging you down.

Although there are many theories about what causes CFS, ranging from viral infections to stress, no one really knows. Signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue may include feeling tired, unable to concentrate, unexplained muscle or joint pain, unrefreshing sleep, and enlarged lymph nodes in your neck or armpits.

With more than 25 years of experience treating complex conditions like chronic fatigue, Dr. Dale Guyer, founder of The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine, offers a multifaceted approach to chronic fatigue treatment. He focuses on the root causes of a patient’s condition, often discovering their fatigue is caused by underlying health problems that can be treated with supplements, medication and IV vitamin therapies.

“I only wish I had tried IV therapy first rather than discover it all these years later,” says Dan, a patient who found relief from his chronic fatigue at The Guyer Institute. “Dr. Guyer and his staff gave me my life back. I had no idea what I was missing or how enjoyable life could be until I started feeling like myself again.”

chronic fatigueWhat Causes Chronic Fatigue?

The cause of chronic fatigue varies widely, depending on which medical theory you believe, but it may often begin as a viral or bacterial infection the patient never fully recovers from. The root cause might also be related to fungal, parasitic or mixed infections.

Problems related to a patient’s immune system, a hormonal imbalance, and mental health problems, such as stress, depression or emotional trauma, can also trigger chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition, a patient with chronic fatigue may suffer from various micronutrient deficiencies, including not getting the right amount of magnesium, zinc and potassium in their diets.

Chronic Fatigue Treatment

Treating CFS requires a multifaceted approach, rather than just focusing on symptom relief. The conventional medical model for chronic fatigue treatment tends to focus on managing a patient’s symptoms with anti-inflammatory medications for pain relief and antidepressants for depression.

chronic fatigueDr. Guyer believes in adjunctive treatment of the underlying conditions, which gets to the root of the problem and helps to provide a more balanced and synergistic approach.

Patients begin with a thorough examination and discussion of their symptoms. Dr. Guyer then orders a comprehensive lab work-up, which may include blood, salvia or urinary testing. The detailed lab tests show more than just blood cell count or lipid status; they show a patient’s neurotransmitter balance, metabolism, cellular energy production, and a broader array of hormone balance and interaction. Tests can also be performed to check for toxin accumulation, if that’s a suspected factor contributing to the patient’s persistent fatigue.

Dr. Guyer’s remedies for chronic fatigue often include a combination of supplements, medication and IV vitamin therapies, depending on the patient’s diagnosis. For immune system support, The Guyer Institute recommends Transfer Factor, a supplement that supports healthy energy levels by promoting the effectiveness of your immune system. We also customize each patient’s IV vitamin therapy, which helps them directly absorb the nutrients better.

If you feel tired all the time and think you may suffer from chronic fatigue, call Dr. Guyer today to make an appointment and we’ll get you on the road to feeling happier, healthier and more energized.

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