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Fight Winter Aches, Pains With Anti-Inflammatory Steps

We hear the phrase anti-inflammatory so often, it’s almost easy to ignore it. The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa advises: don’t ignore it. Inflammation is real, and it creates real problems. There are steps you can take to fight it.

Winter aches, pains

Case in point: winter. If you feel more aches and pains during the winter months, it’s probably your body’s inflammatory response revving up. Often the immune system is fighting poor dietary choices, as well as bacteria and viruses. That process can cause inflammation.

You feel it when the thermometer drops. Your joints hurt more. A muscle aches for no apparent reason. You need an anti-inflammatory to feel better – and maybe one of The Guyer Institute’s effective treatments, too.

In our Supplement Store, you’ll find SPM, a breakthrough nutritional product that promotes tissue health and immune response support. As the manufacturer says, SPM “supports the body’s natural capacity to physical challenges and resolve physical stress.”

This is an anti-inflammatory weapon working at its best.


Another superb pain-fighting product we carry at the Guyer Institute is called the “Super Anti-Inflammatory,” a proprietary blend of natural anti-inflammatories created by Dr. Dale Guyer himself.

“It’s the right product to tackle your aches and pains directly and powerfully,” says Dr. Guyer.

A third highly effective anti-inflammatory in the Supplement Store is Vitamin D3 5000. Research shows that appropriate levels of Vitamin D can help block the inflammation cascade.

One study reported that the optimum level of Vitamin D “outlines a clear chain of cellular events, from the binding of DNA to the reduction of proteins known to trigger inflammation.”

Indianapolis supplement store

Wintertime and holidays can also lead to weeks or more of poor dietary choices. That can easily inflame the GI tract. All of our anti-inflammatory supplements can help.

If you are interested in treatments for inflammation, we recommend you consider:

MG Pro – creates energy waves which enhance cellular and immune function.

Shockwave Treatment – patients report significant pain reduction after low-level sound waves are applied.

HBOT – optimizes oxygen levels to help heal tissue and fight fatigue.

Follow this anti-inflammatory advice from the Guyer Institute, and feel better this winter!

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