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Depressed And Anxious During Holidays? You’re Not Alone

Amid the building holiday cheer, it’s easy to feel depressed and anxious. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.

Others seem excited, busy, ready to celebrate and see family. But in fact, holiday depression and anxiety are very common. It’s something you can minimize.

This time of year

Treatments at The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa can help. As well, with some advice we’ve put together from years of seeing patients all year around. Especially around the holidays. That’s when people often seek to look their best and feel depressed and anxious when they don’t.

“There are strategies and substantive steps to take,” says Dale Guyer, MD, the Institute founder. “The important thing is to recognize it’s not unusual. It’s okay to feel this way.”

IV VITAMIN THERAPY. This therapy keeps gaining in popularity. First, it can increase energy at a time when it’s easy to get worn out. Further, ingredients such as Magnesium and B complex can lessen effects of feeling depressed and anxious.

MG-PRO. At The Guyer Institute, we use MG-PRO’s Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field – energy waves – to enhance cellular energy and support repair and rejuvenation. This treatment can boost feelings of well being. Meaning: not as depressed and anxious.

ONDAMED®. This technology measures bioelectrical fields – the body’s “overall energy field” – to get information often missed by traditional blood tests. It is used therapeutically and diagnostically to understand your autonomic nervous system. That helps restore your healing mechanisms reach a more optimal state.

Practical Steps to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Talk About It

You’ll see that people will understand, and that you’re not alone

Don’t Be So Ambitious

You can only do so much. Don’t try to do it all

Less Yes

Everyone wants your time and company. Say no more than you used to do.

Do What’s Good For You

It’s almost a given that people stop eating healthy and reduce exercise. In a word, don’t.

Get Out Into The Sun For A While When You Can

Less light in the winter can affect body chemistry and balance, and make you gloomy.

Feeling depressed and anxious this time of year can be a real problem. The Guyer Institute has real answers. Give our experienced staff a call 317.580.9355 today.

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