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Eye-Opening Event on Advances in Anti-Aging Medicine

In December, Dale Guyer, MD, and several members of our staff attended the remarkable convention of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, or A4M, in Las Vegas.

The team from The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa learned, among other things, about the latest advances in nutrition, supplementation, compounding, and aesthetics.

This new insight and expertise in anti-aging medicine will now help patients seeking optimum health. The Institute’s integrative approach ensures that patients receive the most targeted, effective treatment available for their conditions.

“Every year, I am so excited to see and hear about the new or next phases of products and procedures,’ Dr. Guyer said. “I also benefit from getting the details on the most recent, promising research.”

Our team also listened carefully to a range of integrative health experts tell us what the field is doing to expand its impact and become even more attuned to patients’ needs and shifting health challenges.”

Some of the key forums included:

  enlightening discussion on female sexual problems and the use of hormonal therapy and nutritional; steps to help improve them.

  Research on lifespan advancements and new methodologies

  Inflammation, how it can affect your health, and strategies for reducing it.

  The field of energetics, and understanding the lessons from ancient therapies

  Cellular detoxification and how it can improve both physiological and mind performance

“There is extraordinary science behind so much of what we do at The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa,” Dr. Guyer said. “And there is also an amazing amount of patient data on anti-aging medicine, our own and in the industry as a whole.

These clinically-based facts help guide us moving forward to help those reaching for ideal life performance and productivity.”

From energy replenishment and improved skin care therapies, to easing some of the effects of cancer treatment, the A4M conference sets the standards for where the field has been and where it should go.

Some of the most prominent speakers at the A4M anti-aging medicine event included Dr. Mark Rosenberg, who spoke on connections between medicine, psychology and fitness, and Dr. David Agus of the University of Southern California’s Center for Applied Molecular Medicine.

Also, featured guest Michael Greger, author of “How Not To Die,” and an expert in nutrition, food safety, and public health.

Dr. Guyer and our team of top professionals at The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa are now further empowered. We offer the kind of anti-aging and overall body and mind wellness treatments that our patients deserve.

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