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Our Magazine a Must-Read for Improved Wellness

Many people are not aware we have a magazine! Optimal Wellness and Advances in Anti-Aging Medicine is an exciting endeavor to illuminate what we do for patient health. It also explores why we do this work, and how we shape our practice to maximize the benefit to you, our patients.

It is full of product information, insight, patient profiles and testimonials. Also, some of the latest scientific advances in the anti-aging medicine and integrative health fields that are happening at the The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa.

Our founder, Dale Guyer, MD, says, in the forward to the debut issue of Optimal Wellness and Advances in Anti-Aging Medicine:

“I have long envisioned a publication grounded in scientific principles,” Dr. Guyer writes. “This magazine focuses on advancing consumer awareness of cutting edge treatments and integrative modalities.

Often, awareness of options to address specific intrusions into our health are, at best, limited. There are many treatments and options that have the potential to make a profound difference in your experience of life and health.”

Optimal Wellness and Advances in Anti-Aging Medicine is also available as a hard copy at The Institute. You can contact us and we will mail you the issue.

This first edition is a goldmine of information. There is insight on Vitamin D3500, which helps replenish this valuable “sunshine” mineral. That can improve both cardiovascular and immune system health.

There is a story about the amazing positive impact that MG Pro electromagnetic therapy and IV Therapies had on a patient. Together, they helped him recover from severe, long-standing chronic fatigue syndrome.

Another entry provides information on Syner-G (available like so many wonderful products in our Supplement Store). Syner-G is a hypo-allergenic multi-vitamin that provides valuable micronutrients that can assist your body in converting fat to energy.

It can also improve neurotransmitter function in the brain – which leads to faster, clearer thinking.

Other pieces cover:

  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • EPA/DHA Supplements
  • Cool Sculpting – or “fat freezing” for those stubborn bulges
  • Max Adren Adrenal Extract Supplement
  • Transfer Factors that Boost Antioxidants and Cell Replication

Vitamin D

Optimal Wellness and Advances in Anti-Aging Medicine from The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa is a must-read. It’s a resource patients and prospective patients can come back to time and again.

Says Dr. Guyer: “Hopefully, you will find our efforts helpful, inspirational, and relevant. Information is a powerful tool. My desire is that readers will find the content not only helpful but, on occasion, even life changing.”

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