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Food Drive

6th Annual Food Drive Seeks Donations Nov. 18 to Dec. 30

Hunger is hard to hear about, but it is real. Also real this year and every year: the heart and humility shown by so many patients who come to The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa.

Helping others is also second nature for our founder, Dale Guyer M.D., and the institute’s staff, too.

Food Drive

And now, our 6th annual Food Drive for area residents in need is gearing up once again.  This year’s goal is to collect 500 pounds of non-perishables!

The food drive will run from Monday, 11/18, until Friday, December 30th.

So your generosity will help provide nourishment and good will for the holiday season.

What’s more: clients donating one to four items will receive a 10% discount on supplements from The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa store, and clients and friends donating five or more items will receive 15% off.

We do that because we believe in acknowledging the steps you take to fill a child’s stomach, to help less-advantaged kids stay ready to learn in school and live a healthier life at home.

Food Drive

“The food drive we put on is as important as anything we do,” Guyer said. “So many of us are blessed to have enough to eat – and some extra to spend on ourselves. But many, many more all around us in Central Indiana aren’t so lucky – they deserve your attention and giving spirits.”

Research shows that as many as 48 million Americans live in food insecure households. That translates into tens of thousands in our metro area alone. Hunger is not always easy to spot, but it’s there.

Each year during the food drive, clients, patients and staff get a chance to interact and share in this mission. It brings us all closer, and serves as a reminder that being healthy and able to invest in your own well-being isn’t ever something to take for granted. Families across the region struggle to stay well-fed. There is a ripple effect of health problems when nutrition is lacking.

“My experience shows me that the body’s biochemistry is incredibly delicate, “ Guyer said. “It needs the right overall balance and the right blend of nutrients. The food drive allows us to play a small part in improving things for our neighbors in need.”

2015 Food Drive
2015 Food Drive

At the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa over those six weeks from the November 18th until December 30th, we’ll take as much non-perishable food as you bring us. We’ll certainly help you get it out of the car and though our doors!

The food items collected go to food banks, in Marion, Hamilton and Johnson counties for distribution. They get your food donation into the homes and hands of folks who sometimes do without.

As always, thank you for whatever you can donate during the food drive at The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa. It’s a simple way to make a difference.


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