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Cold and flu immunity | IV vitamin mineral therapy Indianapolis

IV Vitamin Therapy Fights Cold and Flu For You This Season

IV Vitamin Therapy is ready. Because it’s coming, you know it is. A cold strikes soon after the temperature dips. Or, the flu hits you with a thud at the worst possible time.

You know the drill, and it is dismaying and depressing.


Actually, there is hope to help to keep nasty colds and even the flu at bay. It’s called IV Vitamin Therapy.

At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we have easy, expert treatments. They tackle these persistent challenges to your health every winter in uncommonly effective ways.

“Research, and my experience with patient after patient, makes it clear that this natural, targeted therapy targets symptoms fast. It has preventative value as well,” said Dr. Dale Guyer, M.D., founder of the institute. “I can’t recommend it strongly enough.”

Build Immunity & Strength

First, IV Vitamin Therapy bolsters immune system function. In colder months, protections can drop sharply, due to less exercise, less Vitamin D from the sun, and exposure to more infection pathogens.

IV Vitamin Therapy keeps disease-fighting tools primed and operating at high efficiency.


The calibrated mineral infusion we create for our patients is like a secret weapon. At the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we determine which nutrients may be inadequate. Next, the IV treatment bypasses the digestive tract so the effects can take hold faster by achieving elevated levels in the blood.

Visit Over Your Lunch Break

There is no downtime other than the 30 to 60 minute time it takes to the give the patient the treatment.

IV Vitamin Therapy can be done on a regular basis – it replenishes and steadily maintains your body chemistry to give you the best chance to ward off colds, flu bugs, and many other ailments, too.


“In cases where symptoms are already appearing, I have see so many patients who begin feeling better almost immediately,” Guyer said. “Our physiology is delicate, and when a healthy equilibrium is restored, it responds. It’s really satisfying when the regimen clearly helps someone feel better, so that can get back to work and back to play.”

The sessions are accessible and affordable, and our staff helps patients feel comfortable and relaxed about the infusions. And you can have it done over lunch!

Be ready for cold and flu season. At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, IV Vitamin Therapy gives your body the best chance to utilize its defenses to fight these tough foes. The sooner the better!

Get Leaner In Those Stubborn Spots Where Fat Finds a Home

So many of us who exercise modestly or more to keep our weight down still can’t successfully tackle the common trouble spots where fat collects. LipoLean can.

We can be in pretty good shape, but still have unwanted bulges around our waist and abdomen, our hips and thighs, even under our arms and under our chins. It can be more than frustrating.


LipoLean can reduce the frustration…and the fat. It’s a non-surgical, safe alternative to liposuction, and it serves to boost the exercise and diet modifications you are already making.

And we know you’ll like the way you look!

A series of LipoLean injections containing a carefully calibrated mix of nutrients can target excess fatty cells, dissolve them so they flow freely and help you burn energy, detoxify and cleanse your liver, and increase metabolism.

At The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine, it’s a recipe for faster fat-burning. On average, two to four pounds a week of weight loss can be achieved over the course of your treatment.

Laurie Wakerley is our receptionist. She says she lost nearly seven pounds her first week after beginning the LipoLean micro-injection regimen.

“I was so happy to see those results so quickly, “Laurie said. “It’s not magic; it’s science. Better metabolism and breakdown of fat cells gave me fewer inches and more energy!”


Laurie stresses that you can’t just stop healthy eating and end your exercising, yet still expect to see changes. LipoLean keeps your healthier lifestyle on track by motivating you. When your appearance thins in those hard-to-reach spots, the drive to keep it off is great.

At Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute, Trish Wozniak, PA-C, does our LipoLean consultations, recommends the nutrients, minerals and amino acids that will work most effectively, and then shows you how to do the injections.

They are not painful, nor is there any downtime associated with LipoLean.

“Women and men both can benefit from this exciting way to metabolize more efficiently in the areas where fat gets stored,” Wozniak said. “I explain how the nutrients will work, handle their questions and concerns as they move through the series of injections, and, of course, monitor patients’ adherence and progress closely.”

You’re not out there “on your own” with LipoLean. Usually, we hear from Synergy Spa patients who can’t believe how much better they look and feel!

Three of the nutrients commonly utilized in the LipoLean program are leusine, methionine, and inositol. Together, they maximize fat-burning effects and help ensure that the liver is operating at peak efficiency.


There are other potential benefits to a diversified LipoLean injection plan. “Research indicates that cardiovascular health can sometimes be improved,” Wozniak said. “As well, the injections can help stabilize moods and keep hormones better balanced.”

At Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute, this holistic approach to your health is why patients keep coming to see us for treatments and products year after year.

Your hips, rear, stomach, thighs, and other areas where the flesh is just too darn fleshy…can look better with LipoLean. That’s our mission: safe self-improvement for the women and men who walk in our door desiring change.

Food Drive

6th Annual Food Drive Seeks Donations Nov. 18 to Dec. 30

Hunger is hard to hear about, but it is real. Also real this year and every year: the heart and humility shown by so many patients who come to The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa.

Helping others is also second nature for our founder, Dale Guyer M.D., and the institute’s staff, too.

Food Drive

And now, our 6th annual Food Drive for area residents in need is gearing up once again.  This year’s goal is to collect 500 pounds of non-perishables!

The food drive will run from Monday, 11/18, until Friday, December 30th.

So your generosity will help provide nourishment and good will for the holiday season.

What’s more: clients donating one to four items will receive a 10% discount on supplements from The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa store, and clients and friends donating five or more items will receive 15% off.

We do that because we believe in acknowledging the steps you take to fill a child’s stomach, to help less-advantaged kids stay ready to learn in school and live a healthier life at home.

Food Drive

“The food drive we put on is as important as anything we do,” Guyer said. “So many of us are blessed to have enough to eat – and some extra to spend on ourselves. But many, many more all around us in Central Indiana aren’t so lucky – they deserve your attention and giving spirits.”

Research shows that as many as 48 million Americans live in food insecure households. That translates into tens of thousands in our metro area alone. Hunger is not always easy to spot, but it’s there.

Each year during the food drive, clients, patients and staff get a chance to interact and share in this mission. It brings us all closer, and serves as a reminder that being healthy and able to invest in your own well-being isn’t ever something to take for granted. Families across the region struggle to stay well-fed. There is a ripple effect of health problems when nutrition is lacking.

“My experience shows me that the body’s biochemistry is incredibly delicate, “ Guyer said. “It needs the right overall balance and the right blend of nutrients. The food drive allows us to play a small part in improving things for our neighbors in need.”

2015 Food Drive
2015 Food Drive

At the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa over those six weeks from the November 18th until December 30th, we’ll take as much non-perishable food as you bring us. We’ll certainly help you get it out of the car and though our doors!

The food items collected go to food banks, in Marion, Hamilton and Johnson counties for distribution. They get your food donation into the homes and hands of folks who sometimes do without.

As always, thank you for whatever you can donate during the food drive at The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa. It’s a simple way to make a difference.


Fire and Ice facial | Anti-aging facial Indianapolis

Give Yourself The Glow Of A Fire and Ice Facial on 11/16

It sounds dramatic, and it is. Fire & Ice Facials, elevated to new heights by iS Clinical products, lead the way in replenishment, cellular health, and a soothing, softened, glowing look for your face. Men and women both can benefit.

On November 16 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute, our team of aesthetic experts will be on hand to offer this unique facial at a discounted price.

Fire and Ice

Attendees will need to call 317-580-1772 in order to schedule a Fire & Ice Facial at this special price. Refreshments will be on hand throughout the event.

The incentive: that day, attendees will be able to get their very own Fire & Ice Facial for only $50.00, instead of the normal $95.00 price.

These innovative procedures at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute are the talk of the town, and of Hollywood, too. In Tinsel town, the Fire & Ice Facials are often known as “The Red Carpet Treatment.”

Results are amazing and instant – there is typically no downtime or delay. Some patients think of their lunchtime Fire & Ice Facial as “The Power Lunch.”

At Synergy Spa, Karen Knott and Jelena Strauser, both licensed aestheticians, bring years of experience, knowledge and skill to these facials that help hydrate, renew, and smooth out lines on your face.

There is rarely redness or swelling afterward. The facials can also help lessen the effects of acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmented skin conditions, and cancer treatment.

Fire and Ice

“It is a 60-minute facial carefully done along iS Clinical guidelines that begins with an active tingling mask to warm and deep-clean the skin,” Knott said. “It ends with a cool, rejuvenating mask to wake up, invigorate, and illuminate the skin.”

The heat increases blood flow and circulation to the face – the cooling calms down any possible inflammation. The bottom-line benefit: a brighter, healthier face that makes you look younger, more vibrant, and refreshed.

The facials are fantastic for men, too. Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute offers the treatment for men in a 30-minute session. They may be skeptical going in, but they are definitely thrilled walking out.

The Fire & Ice Facial can also have an antioxidant, anti-aging effect. It can help tighten and firm up the skin in energizing and enriching fashion.

Fire and Ice

The procedure at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute is a brisk way to look and feel younger and fully energized for a special occasion, to give yourself or a loved one a special treat, or to feel and be at your best on the job.

Patients with a wide range of skin types can take advantage of the remarkable Fire & Ice Facials.

Remember, come by on November 16 between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Again, please call to schedule an appointment so you can take advantage of the $50 special, 317-580-1SPA (1772).

You and your face deserve to put your beauty in a great light.

Vitamin D supplement | Vitamin therapy Indianapolis

Vitamin D Supplements Can Mean a More Vibrant Life

If you are fatigued, feel down, have been noticing achiness or headaches, or lack the drive to get things done, it may be time to get your levels of Vitamin D checked!

Really, you ask? Yes, really. And it’s even more important as winter approaches, since Vitamin D3 levels are dependent on the exposure to light.

Vitamin D

Low Vitamin D levels are widespread, and the condition can negatively affect your quality of life in vital ways. The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa is ready to assist by evaluating Vitamin D levels and creating a supplement program that helps ensure you have the optimal levels to maximize your health.

Vitamin D supplements can also help with bone and breast health, immune system functioning, and even weight management efforts.

The results of boosting your levels can be nothing short of amazing, says the founder of The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa. “We see improvements in energy and mood in patient after patient,” said Dale Guyer MD.

“There is no question that Vitamin D deficiency is under-recognized, and so many people can benefit, first by understanding their body chemistry better, and second, when they do something about the shortfall.”

Vitamin D

Why act now? Winter means less sun, and this aggravates a “built-in” reason this low Vitamin D phenomenon is so common.

Most of us work inside – most aren’t feeling the warm rays of the sun while we tackle challenges on our computer, in meetings, in all our day-to-day projects on the job.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays help us make up to 90% of our Vitamin D3.

There are other reasons Vitamin D can be lacking, including genetic make-up, chronic illness or stress, breastfeeding, darker skin pigmentation, being overweight, or being older than 50.

Vitamin D

 At the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we feature and recommend a supplemental Vitamin D known as Vitamin D3 5000 IU. Taking one of these capsules between one and four times daily has led to remarkable improvements time and again.

Where needed, we also do Vitamin D3 injections for more rapid replenishment.

This valuable mineral supplement, when carefully monitored, can increase energy, mental function and awareness, respiratory health, and reduce the severe effects of allergies.

And there’s more: research and Dr. Guyer’s experience shows that getting your Vitamin D levels up to where they should be can help ward off the common cold!

“The lack of adequate Vitamin D in your system acts almost like a thief in the night,” Dr. Guyer said. “It can steal your vibrancy, your healthy outlook, and cause you to feel discomfort or pain.

Vitamin D

“It’s so satisfying to be able to address these problems for our patients. They don’t have to be permanent.”

After a consultation at The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we will measure the amount of Vitamin D in your blood, and develop a regimen tailored for your ideal benefit. And we always monitor your progress so we can fine-tune the dosage.

Don’t be deficient about a possible Vitamin D deficiency – call us, come in, and let us help you get on a direct path to feeling your best and being your best.

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