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The Latest Skin Care Expertise For Patients After Cancer

Cancer can touch anyone – and we all know it can take such a serious toll. Luckily, treatments improve significantly every year.

But in post-treatment cancer recovery periods, what’s often neglected by patients and their medical care providers is focused, advanced, and gentle attention to the skin:

  • Restoring skin clarity, tone and resilience
  • Making skin healthy and aesthetically pleasing
  • Strengthening emotional well-being


The Synergy Spa at The Guyer Institute is now certified in the INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® iS CLINICAL® cancer care program. It is an honor to have the skills and insight necessary to help patients with skin rejuvenation. Cancer care for the skin is a pressing need, and we are helping to meet the demand and interest.

Another reason we do it: it works!

 From Our Expert

The Institute’s Karen Knott is our lead aesthetician in the INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® regimen and protocol. “I believe in this program, and we are ready to support patients in this important area,” Knott said. “There are clear, powerful and visible skin health benefits to the iS CLINICAL® product line, with proper use, and many of the mood and emotional needs can be addressed, too, with expertise and empathy both.”

fullsizerender-22Radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and some medications can all lead to areas of the skin – in the face, neck, chest and torso areas – that call for targeted care. Rashes, inflammation, acne, discoloration and uneven complexion, cracking, dryness, burns, scarring, itching: all can occur.

At the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we now specialize in ameliorating effects and generating skin recovery.

The INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® iS CLINICAL® independent lab tested product line includes:

  • Deep Cream Cleansers
  • Poly-Vitamins®
  • Super Serum Treatment
  • Pro-Heal® Serum
  • Hydrocooling agents
  • YouthEye®
  • Advanced antioxidants
  • Specialty moisturizers
  • Extreme Protection sunblock

Dr. Lawrence Lessin of the cancer institute at Washington Hospital Center says, “The INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® program attends to the self-image of patients. The goal is to make them feel better about their skin.”

That’s the overriding purpose of The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa: to improve natural healing and appearance with the best people and products available today. Cancer care is one of our latest and most inspiring steps forward.


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