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Successes Lead to Rising Interest in Vampire Treatments

Vampire: just the word commands your attention, and these days at The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, the new Vampire® procedures are so popular the demand simply has not let up.

Ask Denise Kaler, a professional in the aesthetic industry for 15 years. Kaler says she’s never seen such positive results reflected in the quality of her skin than with the Vampire Face Lift® she had at The Institute.

“My skin is more youthful than it’s been in years,” she said. “It feels and looks so restorative – the effects it’s had on my face are amazing. I could not be more pleased!”


Experts at Work

Following the overall vision of our founder, Dr. Dale Guyer, The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa’s lead practitioner of the Vampire procedures has received the top training available. Trish Wozniak, PA-C, is more than gratified to see so many come in for consultations, and decide to move ahead.

“Doing these Vampire Facelift® procedures at Guyer confirms why I was so motivated to go into this field,” Wozniak says. “They are virtually painless, do not put you out of commission for days or weeks, and most important: time and again, they work!”

Why They Are So Effective

The Vampire injections, first of water-binding molecules, allow Wozniak to essentially follow the organic shape of the face to stimulate, smooth, and re-energize tissue and cells.

A phlebotomist then extracts two teaspoons of the patient’s own blood, and with the institute’s high-tech centrifuge equipment the platelets are isolated.

Rich in growth factors, they are injected into the facial tissue. A numbing cream and a micro needling system minimizes discomfort.


The platelet rich procedure helps produce new collagen, smooth fatty tissue, and leads to new blood vessels, which increases the skin’s glow and nutrient flow.

Beyond Vampire Facelifts…

The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa does the Vampire O-Shot®, Breast Lift, Scar Treatment, and Hair Re-Growth procedures, too. Each has grown in popularity.

The Vampire O-Shot® is being requested in record numbers. Ladies are raving about the results as early as the same day of their treatment.

Women now have real options to improve their sexual satisfaction: a simple, natural procedure.

And results show The O-Shot®, can indeed help you have better orgasms.

The O-Shot® treatment could be called a vaginal rejuvenation that:

  • increases blood flow
  • improves lubrication
  • heightens sensitivity

guyer breast lifet - pexels-1 healthy-people-woman-girl

The Vampire O-Shot® can do more: one young mom of three kids has told us her treatment significantly lessened her urinary incontinence that came after delivering twins.

The Vampire Breast Lift®, Scar Treatment, and Hair Re-Growth procedures follow the same treatment contours.

At the Guyer institute and Synergy Spa, you can feel better, look better, be healthier, and see your quality of life elevated more than you thought possible.



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