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CoolSculpting® Means Less Fat in All The Right Places

In her huge hit song, “No,” pop star Meghan Trainor says no to those suitors who want her number.

In the hugely popular procedure called CoolSculpting®, the answer is an emphatic “Yes.” No more no’s when it comes to your body looking the way you’ve wanted it to for so long.

Yes, you can freeze some of your fat off – that’s how CoolSculpting® works. Up to 25% percent less fat on your abdomen, your thighs, your arms, even under your chin.

Results you can measure. Success you can see.


At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we say yes to removing unwanted fat cells. Yes, to not having surgery or liposuction. Yes, to removing fatty deposits painlessly and with virtually no downtime.

FDA Approved

The FDA has signed off on the procedure in eight key areas. Those are Abdomen, Flank/Side (commonly referred to as “muffin top” and love handles”), Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Double Chin, Bra fat, Back Fat, and Underneath Buttocks.

CoolSculpting® is safe, effective, in demand. The innovative method jumpstarts the desire to stay healthy and fit long-term.

Now it’s time. Time to contact The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa to learn how CoolSculpting® works, why it works, and how it can work for you.

How the Procedure is Performed

A highly trained CoolSculpting® practitioner at The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa uses a carefully engineered device with vacuum technology to isolate the bulging area, and apply the freezing effects.

It does not hurt beyond the sensation of cold. Then the area numbs.

Each treatment area takes only an hour. CoolSculpting® freezes the fat, and within one to three months the affected fat cells are eliminated through the normal metabolic process.

pexels-photo (4)

The reduction becomes clear to see.

Target Unwanted Fat

The institute’s Denise Kaler and Karen Knott are CoolSculpting®

certified. Once they have determined who’s a good candidate, they pair utilize advanced training protocols to deliver your best possible result.

“‘Addicting’ is the word I hear most to describe the enthusiasm patients have for CoolSculpting®,’ ” Kaler said. “They can’t believe the results, and they usually come back for additional treatments where they want improvement.”

It’s no fad. It’s fact.

IMG_6316 (1)

“It’s amazing to know you can walk in, read a book, maybe do some work on your laptop,” Kaler says, “and after the treatment, you can go back to work, go work out, or go have a cup of coffee.”

A Win-Win

CoolSculpting® can change your life through the power of the aesthetic appearance, which boosts confidence and encourages you to take off more inches through exercise and improved eating habits.

The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa makes it possible.

Check out CoolSculpting® today. Thousands of women and men have. Their testimony, and their tummies, tell the story.

It’s time to say yes, and make that story your own.

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