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Hormones Need Balance For The Right Therapeutic Benefit

An exciting treatment called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can benefit both women and men. But, you may ask: what in the world is it?

First, The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa has a more relevant question to explore: as the years ascend, do you think – and feel – that your body’s physiology works the way it should? The way nature intended?

guyer photo - bhrt-4AFemales and males both start losing hormones in their late 20s. In fact, studies suggest 80% of American adults have hormonal imbalances. If you are one of them, then this may be the right treatment for you.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy – or BHRT – could be a wise and wonderful choice.

At the Guyer Institute, we comprehensively measure many values in your physiologic make-up: hormones, vitamins, minerals, inflammation, integral immune components, and neurotransmitters.

Dr. Dale Guyer has said our bodies are “a symphony of sorts wherein each instrument needs to be played in conjunction with the others in total balance.”

With the goldmine of data, we’re ready to discern the kinds of imbalances that can affect your day-to-day quality of living. We’ll go on to create an individualized bioidentical replacement therapy program.

For women, the therapy has shown it can be a great help with the effects of menopause. Thyroid problems can improve significantly. Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, too.

guyer photo-bhrt-7

For men, their spouses are key. Partners are often the first to notice the effects of hormonal changes.

Your guy may have become more lethargic and less motivated toward sex. Perhaps he’s gained weight, as well, and experienced a decrease in libido due to that or issues with mediation he takes.

With the replacement therapy, the careful restoration of testosterone and other hormone levels to a more optimal level at a younger age can help minimize these challenging symptoms while improving long-term performance.

guyer photo - bhrt-3

BHRT can collaborate with your inherent hormones to find an organic equilibrium, thus treating the root causes of some illnesses, infirmities, or indicators of low energy or emotions.

In this context, you may have heard about yams. Yes, the yam is part of the program. The same hormones that your body makes can be made from yams, and in turn applied to your system again to reach for that symphony.

Think of your muscles, organs, nerves, blood vessels and bones as a biological blueprint. Here at The Guyer Institute at Synergy Spa, we know that hormones act as the valve for so much that’s right – and can go wrong.

guyer photo - bhrt-98

BHRT can potentially bring more energy, less pain and discomfort, better sleeping. It can also work to ameliorate some effects of aging: cardiovascular issues and some autoimmune disorders, for example.

So, seek the balance. Come see us at The Guyer Institute to learn if bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is right and smart for you.



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