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Is Scarring On Your Face a Problem? There Are Better Solutions Now

Scarring, especially on the face, has a solution – it’s called the Vampire Scar Repair Treatment®.

That’s a fancy name for a forward-thinking, non-invasive rejuvenation program that can substantially minimize, even eliminate some scars or lesions that arise from acne, the summer sun, injuries, minor burns, surgery, and other causes.


At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, the Vampire Scar Repair Treatment® uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy to achieve strikingly positive results.

PRP takes the small amount of your own blood that we extract in an all but painless step, and then separates the platelets in a high-speed, hi-tech, FDA approved centrifuge.

The growth factors are separated, isolated, and coalesced to create a natural substance that’s injected precisely with micro-needling into the scar.

Extraordinary, enduring results can be seen time and again.

Trish Wozniak, PA-C, performs the Vampire Scar Repair Treatment® procedures at the institute. She’s received expert, specialized training from the physician who developed this approach, and now she’s bringing it to our patients.



“Because this treatment is natural, using your body’s own growth factors and healing powers to restore the tissue organically, scars usually respond very well to it” Wozniak said.


The Vampire Scar Repair Treatment® is also generally more inexpensive than a surgical step to remove scars. Less taxing, too: there are no stitches, laser burns, or wound marks.

Platelet Rich Therapy has been proven effective on so many fronts – scar repair treatment is simply a smart extension of these efforts.

The face is so important to self-esteem, confidence, and internal comfort levels. It needs care and a healthy focus.

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