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Hormones Need Balance For The Right Therapeutic Benefit

An exciting treatment called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can benefit both women and men. But, you may ask: what in the world is it?

First, The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa has a more relevant question to explore: as the years ascend, do you think – and feel – that your body’s physiology works the way it should? The way nature intended?

guyer photo - bhrt-4AFemales and males both start losing hormones in their late 20s. In fact, studies suggest 80% of American adults have hormonal imbalances. If you are one of them, then this may be the right treatment for you.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy – or BHRT – could be a wise and wonderful choice.

At the Guyer Institute, we comprehensively measure many values in your physiologic make-up: hormones, vitamins, minerals, inflammation, integral immune components, and neurotransmitters.

Dr. Dale Guyer has said our bodies are “a symphony of sorts wherein each instrument needs to be played in conjunction with the others in total balance.”

With the goldmine of data, we’re ready to discern the kinds of imbalances that can affect your day-to-day quality of living. We’ll go on to create an individualized bioidentical replacement therapy program.

For women, the therapy has shown it can be a great help with the effects of menopause. Thyroid problems can improve significantly. Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, too.

guyer photo-bhrt-7

For men, their spouses are key. Partners are often the first to notice the effects of hormonal changes.

Your guy may have become more lethargic and less motivated toward sex. Perhaps he’s gained weight, as well, and experienced a decrease in libido due to that or issues with mediation he takes.

With the replacement therapy, the careful restoration of testosterone and other hormone levels to a more optimal level at a younger age can help minimize these challenging symptoms while improving long-term performance.

guyer photo - bhrt-3

BHRT can collaborate with your inherent hormones to find an organic equilibrium, thus treating the root causes of some illnesses, infirmities, or indicators of low energy or emotions.

In this context, you may have heard about yams. Yes, the yam is part of the program. The same hormones that your body makes can be made from yams, and in turn applied to your system again to reach for that symphony.

Think of your muscles, organs, nerves, blood vessels and bones as a biological blueprint. Here at The Guyer Institute at Synergy Spa, we know that hormones act as the valve for so much that’s right – and can go wrong.

guyer photo - bhrt-98

BHRT can potentially bring more energy, less pain and discomfort, better sleeping. It can also work to ameliorate some effects of aging: cardiovascular issues and some autoimmune disorders, for example.

So, seek the balance. Come see us at The Guyer Institute to learn if bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is right and smart for you.



Facial scar removal | Scar treatment | Platelet Rich Therapy Indianapolis

Is Scarring On Your Face a Problem? There Are Better Solutions Now

Scarring, especially on the face, has a solution – it’s called the Vampire Scar Repair Treatment®.

That’s a fancy name for a forward-thinking, non-invasive rejuvenation program that can substantially minimize, even eliminate some scars or lesions that arise from acne, the summer sun, injuries, minor burns, surgery, and other causes.


At The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, the Vampire Scar Repair Treatment® uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy to achieve strikingly positive results.

PRP takes the small amount of your own blood that we extract in an all but painless step, and then separates the platelets in a high-speed, hi-tech, FDA approved centrifuge.

The growth factors are separated, isolated, and coalesced to create a natural substance that’s injected precisely with micro-needling into the scar.

Extraordinary, enduring results can be seen time and again.

Trish Wozniak, PA-C, performs the Vampire Scar Repair Treatment® procedures at the institute. She’s received expert, specialized training from the physician who developed this approach, and now she’s bringing it to our patients.



“Because this treatment is natural, using your body’s own growth factors and healing powers to restore the tissue organically, scars usually respond very well to it” Wozniak said.


The Vampire Scar Repair Treatment® is also generally more inexpensive than a surgical step to remove scars. Less taxing, too: there are no stitches, laser burns, or wound marks.

Platelet Rich Therapy has been proven effective on so many fronts – scar repair treatment is simply a smart extension of these efforts.

The face is so important to self-esteem, confidence, and internal comfort levels. It needs care and a healthy focus.

Hair Thinning, Hair Loss? Try Vampire Hair Re-Growth®

To women and men: if you are facing hair thinning and hair loss you are uncomfortable with, the time to act is now. The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa offers a pioneering new treatment called the Vampire Hair Re-Growth® program.

It treats hair loss and thinning in a targeted, natural way, and puts your own cells to work regenerating themselves. In turn, your weakened follicles get stronger and healthier, in many cases producing fuller and richer hair.


This is not a transplant or any kind of surgery or applied medication. Far from it. The Vampire® Hair Re-Growth® method is keyed on platelet rich therapy, or PRP. Your own blood products serve to rejuvenate the cells in your scalp.

The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa’s Trish Wozniak, PA-C, is one of only six specialists in the state of Indiana certified to administer the Vampire Hair Re-Growth® treatment.

“I wanted to learn from the best and offer this important therapy for our patients, women and men alike,” Wozniak said. “Significant hair loss is often linked to lower self-esteem, which can affect all aspects of one’s life.”

“I encourage people who want to maximize their hair growth in a more natural way to come to us for the procedure.”


1A-Vampire Hair - Photo-2 Guyer

The treatment is centered on platelet rich therapy, or PRP. PRP has been used with amazing results in sports, orthopedics, dermatology and other areas.

With the Vampire® procedure at the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, Wozniak extracts a small amount of blood from patients, then separates the platelets in an advanced, high-speed, FDA-cleared centrifuge.

Using a numbing agent, she then uses our patented Eclipse Micropen™ to re-inject platelets into the thinning hair areas. Their own growth factors are activated and the follicles can begin to heal and strengthen themselves, leading to hair re-growth.

“PRP is like a natural serum,” Wozniak said. “The process serves to orchestrate new activity in the cells, improves nutrient flow, and firms up the follicles.”

The procedure has shown success at regrowth for thinning hair stemming from a range of causes, whether genetic, disease or stress-related.


In 2013, at the annual World Congress for Hair Research, experts pointed to results indicating that platelets stimulated and re-directed blood flow to the scalp, which improved hair quality.

The Vampire Hair Re-Growth® treatment can be done in an office setting at the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, and the patient usually suffers no side effects and needs little if no recovery time. It can take two to three treatments to begin to see results.

The procedure works only with existing follicles, so it is important to come in for a consultation long before the hair is completely gone, either in spots or all over.

Some have called the treatment “fertilizer for the hair.” For those who need it, it’s past time to get growing again.



Female sexual arousal disorder treatment | O-shot Indianapolis

The O-Shot® Can Bring Women More Sexual Satisfaction

For so long, men and their sexual satisfaction got all the attention. Now, women have real options to improve their sexual satisfaction, desire and fulfillment.

Women who struggle with sexual satisfaction now have a place – and a simple, natural procedure – that may truly help them feel more of what they want to feel.

At the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we call it the O-Shot®, and yes, it can help you have better orgasms. That’s what millions of women of all ages seek.

O-shot Photo-1 MEDIUM - Guyer

First developed by Dr. Samuel Wood and Dr. Charles Runels, the O-Shot® treatment has been shown in many cases to:

  • increase blood flow
  • improve lubrication
  • strengthen the vaginal opening
  • boost sexual desire
  • heighten sensitivity

Together, this often means more pleasure from sexual activity. More orgasms, stronger orgasms. At the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we focus on outcomes, and interest in the O-Shot® has been increasing.

The treatment has also specifically helped women whose sexual fulfillment and libido goes down markedly after childbirth – or is lessened as women get older.

What’s more, the O-Shot® is also showing promise in helping to decrease urinary incontinence in women.

O-shot- Guyer - Photo-2

Research shows that a third or more of women do not experience satisfactory orgasms or any orgasm at all. The majority of medical advances made in the area of improved sexual pleasure are aimed at men. Not anymore.

The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa’s Trish Wozniak, PA-C, is specially trained (certified by Dr. Runels himself) to do the O-Shot® (as well as all the Vampire procedures) for our patients.

“I have seen women’s interest in sex elevate dramatically after the procedure,” Wozniak said. “That’s why we offer the O-Shot®. Sexual pleasure is a fundamental part of life, and we want our patients to have every opportunity to enjoy that in a healthy, enduring way.”

With an anesthetic, The O-Shot® can be all but painless, according to most patients. The procedure uses platelet rich therapy, or PRP, to stimulate cell growth, health and function.

You could call it a vaginal rejuvenation.

Wozniak extracts a small amount of the patient’s own blood, then uses a high-tech centrifuge process to separate the plasma.

O-shot - Photo-4 Guyer

The platelets, along with their inherent growth factors, is then re-injected into the vaginal and clitoral areas where it can go to work improving tissue and cell strength and sensitivity.

Within a few weeks, many patients report significantly improved frequency and intensity of orgasms. Some women tell us at the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa that the effects are felt almost immediately.

In a 2014 ABC News report, Michelle, a single mother from California, said, “I think the O-shot is a home run that we all need.”

There is no recovery time needed after the treatment. Women can resume normal activity the same day or night.

The O-Shot® can help sex go from ordinary or worse…to outstanding.

Give us a call today at 317-580-9355 to set up a consultation with Trish Wozniak. It could change your life.







Indianapolis chronic fatigue treatment | Fibromyalgia treatment Indianapolis

MG Pro – Another Promising Way to Treat Your Pain and Fatigue

There is hope for your persistent pain problems.

Pulsed electromagnetic pain therapy, which we now call MG Pro, can mean the difference between chronic, long-term pain and fatigue, or a more rapid cellular healing by supporting the cells’ electromagnetic energy.

At the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we work to promote your own body’s health and your healing. The MG Pro we offer patients can often significantly enhance other adjunctive treatments.

Pain or inflammation can manifest as joint pain, or be initiated by chronic illness or injury. The common thread is damage to the cells.

MG Pro therapy at The Guyer Institute helps to achieve electrical balance within cells and restore cellular energy. It can also facilitate detoxification and improve nutrient uptake, ultimately recharging your cell’s energy battery and promoting optimal function.

pexels-photo (4)

“In so many cases, pain can be addressed and relieved without surgical interventions or added medications,” says institute founder Dr. Dale Guyer. “We have frequently seen dramatic improvements with this therapy in helping people regain the lives and activities they may have lost to years of unmanageable pain.”

Research indicates that MG Pro therapy can help with the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller. Utilizing MG-Pro can also improve oxygenation and circulation, both of which boost efficiency in the cells.

Efficient cell function means better balance. Balance can keep pain in check, as the cells operate at peak performance.

Carolyn, a Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa patient, could not believe how much better she felt after pulsed electromagnetic therapy. “MG Pro was such a foreign concept.” Carolyn said. “I didn’t even have an expectation – just hope, since everything I had experienced at the Guyer Institute seemed so miraculous. The results with MG Pro have been one more thrilling outcome.”

MG Pro uses the body’s natural movement to heal itself and maximizes those abilities to reduce pain and inflammation of varying types. It is believed to accelerate the repair of damaged tissue and improve overall wellness within the body.


Instead of dulling pain or introducing the trauma of surgery, at the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, we help the body achieve its organic potential to recover, regenerate and restore itself.

MG Pro has also demonstrated promise in relieving stress and improving mental clarity. The mind and body are connected, so seeking equilibrium can have an enduring, calming effect.

MG Pro at the Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa acts as an instruction to your body, a guide to renewal. Pain eases as the pulsed electromagnetic pain therapy acts as the catalyst for cells need to be at their best.

And less pain puts you in the position to be your best, too.


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