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The Vampire Facelift® Can Create Vibrancy

A Natural Step to Nurture The Youthfulness Of Your Skin

Your smiles, your eyes. The richness and strength of your skin.

Together, they construct the first impression. And impressions matter.

Here at The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, there’s a new, almost artistic ally for your desire to preserve a healthy, more radiant face. It’s not surgery or lasers or Botox: you may not need any of those.


The remarkable new procedure is the patented, uniquely effective Vampire Facelift ®.

The Guyer Institute’s founder, Dr. Dale Guyer, has achieved amazing results first-hand, and in doing so refined the facial shaping to produce remarkable and natural-looking results.

Under Guyer’s tutelage, Trish Wozniak, one of the institute’s Certified Physician Assistants (PA-C) is specially trained to perform the rejuvenating procedure for our patients.

“The injections, first of HA fillers (water-binding molecules), allow us to essentially follow the organic contours of the face to stimulate, smooth, and re-energize tissue and cells,” Guyer said. “Some call this following the mathematics of beauty.”

Then comes step two for Wozniak. A phlebotomist extracts about two teaspoons of the patient’s own blood, and with the institute’s high-tech centrifuge equipment the platelets are isolated.

The platelets, which are rich in growth factors, are then injected into the facial tissue. A numbing cream and a micro needling system is utilized to minimize discomfort.

“The platelets, when re-introduced, help produce new collagen, smoothing fatty tissue, and new blood vessels,” Wozniak adds, “which increases the skin’s glow and nutrient flow. I get great satisfaction out of seeing how our patients respond, physically and even psychologically.”

The Healing You Have


The body’s own chemistry goes on offense to minimize the effects of aging, injury and the damaging sun.

In a way, the Vampire Facelift® tricks your facial skin into doing what’s necessary to look and feel as good as it can. Almost magical.

Your face deserves this kind of focus and care. First impressions can be lasting ones.

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