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CoolSculpting® – a smart alternative to WASTING money on your WAIST!

It’s a never-ending battle.

Women (and men) are on a constant buying spree, seeking that next piece of apparel that will make them feel good about their appearance.

But, it’s an expensive undertaking.

According to Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average American spends $1700 on buying clothes and related items per year. For women, you can double that number – so approximately $3400 is spent per year on clothing and apparel – that’s $283.33 per month. And for teenagers, the number is even higher, closer to $420 per month.

Americans’ belt size continues to inch up, and women’s waistlines are widening faster than men’s, according to new government research. “Waists are still expanding in the U.S., and particularly so among women,” said study researcher Dr. Earl Ford, a medical officer at the CDC.

What’s behind the growing waistline,” you ask?

The culprits are many; they include a more sedentary work environment, the proliferation of processed foods, and stress.

Clothes designers know this and have compensated by using “vanity sizing” labeling. So, you’re size 8 dress of today may actually be a couple sizes larger than last year’s size 8 purchase. The intent is to make the consumer feel good about their purchase.

But, this trickery doesn’t make us feel any better when we see our image in the mirror. We know what the eye is telling us. It sees the excess fat around the waistline.

Despite that latest clothing purchase and all our dieting and exercise, that persistent belly pooch remains.

At Guyer Institute, we have the solution. CoolSculpting® treatments offer a perfect way to eliminate belly pooch!


CoolSculpting® is just one brand of Cryolipolysis. This FDA-approved treatment has only been in the U.S. for a few years. It promises a cheaper, quicker way to lose pounds compared to liposuction and other invasive procedures.

Our Synergy Spa technicians are certified in CoolSculpting® procedures and have treated hundreds of patients over the past year. The process is simple- a special applicator is strapped to the treatment area. It chills the skin and, over time, freezes and kills the fat cells in that area before they are naturally eliminated. Once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good! Best of all, there are no needles, no anesthesia and no recovery time.

As the name implies, CoolSculpting® is the perfect way to sculpt away those stubborn fatty deposits of the stomach, thighs, and arms. What’s left is a more attractive, form-fitting figure.

So, stop WASTING fashion dollars covering a WAIST that you really don’t like. Instead, let our CoolSculpting® treatments give you the permanent, attractive physique you desire.

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