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Vanity Sizing alternative | CoolSculpting Procedure Indianapolis

CoolSculpting® – the REAL alternative to VANITY SIZING

Let’s face it…

If VANITY was a movie that charged admission, we would all willingly purchase a ticket.

The simple truth is, we all desire to feel good about ourselves and want others to perceive us favorably.

Oh, we may not show it on the same level as narcissistic Hollywood celebrities- (remember Gloria Swanson’s ‘Norma Desmond’ character’s famous line from the movie SUNSET BOULEVARD – “I am big, it’s just the movies that got small”)?

But vanity plays out in many ways.

When we shop for clothes, we may try to fit into clothes marked the same size as we wore years before. Clothing companies know this and use “vanity sizing,” the labeling of clothes with sizes smaller than the actual cut of the items.

For men, those size 34 slacks might really be closer to size 36 or even bigger.

Women have to cope with an even greater variability in sizes – the same woman might wear a size 4 in one brand and a size 10 in another, according to Stephanie Clifford of the New York Times.

Clothing companies do this for one reason: they know the downsized labeling make customers feel good.

And that got us to thinking about how good CoolSculpting® can make you feel.

After all, it’s a surgery-free body sculpting treatment that gives you an honest and healthy way to get back into those “college-era” size clothes without having to be part of the clothing companies shenanigans.

This FDA-cleared procedure permanently eliminates unwanted fat from your body. It’s not a fad; the results are real and the fat is gone for good.

Denise Kaler, certified technician in CoolSculpting® procedures, says the process is uniquely suited for those fatty areas resistant to diet and exercise:

“It’s ideal for people that just have those stubborn spots. Maybe it’s the love handles, a muffin top; inner thighs that they just don’t like”.

CoolSculpting® actually freezes and kills unwanted fat in those areas most critical to achieving a size-slimming, good fit. Then, the dead fat cells are naturally eliminated from your body. The result is a noticeable, natural-looking reduction of fat in treated areas.

So, don’t fall prey to the “vanity-sizing” smoke and mirror games of the clothing companies. Call us today for the real and lasting image you deserve.

– From The Guyer Institute Blog Team

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