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When it comes to facials- forget the DIY!

The DIY (Do-It Yourself) craze has become very popular in recent years. In fact, there is a television network completely devoted to this idea, called (as you might expect) The DIY Network. Shows with names like Rehab Addict and Renovation Realities show us how we can tackle projects like room renovations and backyard landscaping on our own.

Such shows make it look simple. While the level of difficulty involved really depends on the person’s level of skill and available time for such tasks.

Let’s face it – there are some things you really shouldn’t facials! While it may seem like an easy task to DIY a facial, in reality, you need the right products – and the right training – to achieve a professional effect. Just think about it…You know when you go to a beauty store and someone tells you what to buy based on looking at your skin under fluorescent lighting? That’s not how we should be purchasing things. “And why is that,” you ask? Before buying any products, a licensed esthetician needs to “know” your skin. This can only be accomplished by examining it, cleansing it, assessing it, then treating it. It’s a matter of choosing a DIY facial or being pampered by a personal skin-care concierge!

At Guyer Institute Synergy Spa, or licensed esthetician Christina “Cricket” Hemp will provide personalized skin recommendations and a regimen that will address your individual concerns. Unless you’ve got big bucks and the proper degree, you can’t get that kind of treatment at home!

One such regimen involves the use of PRP for facials.

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a regenerative medicine technique utilizing your body’s, own growth factors to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, improving both skin texture and tone. PRP is an ideal treatment for the face, neck, décolletage, and hands.

PRP is often used in conjunction with another very popular treatment; micro-needling, taking that procedure to the “next level” in maximizing tissue repair, cell growth and collagen production.

You may be wondering, “How does PRP work?

A simple blood draw, similar to having a basic lab test, is all that is needed to prepare the PRP. Your blood is placed into a centrifuge and spun at a very rapid rate to separate the platelets from other components of the blood, which activates the platelet-rich plasma.

And, because it is your OWN blood, there is virtually no risk of intolerance or allergy. The PRP is then topically applied to the skin prior to the micro-needling procedure. The micro channels created by micro-needling promote the absorption of the regenerative, collagen-producing PRP into the skin.

Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa, shared her thoughts on the restorative benefits of PRP this way: “I really appreciated the results of utilizing my own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in conjunction with a micro-needling treatment. I think it’s great that even in my sixties, I’m able to achieve glowing skin, and really improve my complexion. I am super excited to try a PRP facelift next time, as it is non- surgical, and can’t wait to see those results.

Synergy Spa offers a full line of restorative treatment options. A visit will help you decide what options are best for your skin.

Then, you can get off the “DIY facial” bandwagon once and for all!

– From The Guyer Institute Blog Team

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