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Angie’s List Gives “Thumbs up” to CoolSculpting® Procedure

It was Abraham Lincoln who once said “everybody likes a compliment.”

That certainly applies to CoolSculpting® expert Denise Kaler and the entire staff at Guyer Institute. In case you haven’t heard, Angie’s List has given a “cool” endorsement to this FDA-cleared procedure that targets and freezes unwanted fat.

CoolSculpting® is a brand of cryolipolysis that has been available in the U.S. for only five years. This revolutionary technology targets and freezes unwanted fat, which is then naturally eliminated from the body.

Interest on the street about this fat-freezing procedure is spreading fast!

No fewer than 80 TV stations across the country have aired the simple, but compelling video of a patient enjoying a CoolSculpting® treatment administered by certified technician Denise Kaler at Guyer Institute.

In the video, Angie’s List founder Angie Hicks highlights the importance of having your CoolSculpting® procedure done by the right people in the right facility.

“You want a certified technician and a well-regarded medical facility.”

Denise Kaler and the Guyer Institute certainly fit the bill!

Denise is a certified expert in CoolSculpting® procedures. The Guyer Institute was founded by Dale Guyer, M.D. who brings 25 years experience in blending integrative medical therapies which incorporate a scientific basis and “root cause” approach.

Denise described the ideal CoolSculpting® candidate this way:

“It’s ideal for people that just have those stubborn spots. Maybe it’s the love handles, a muffin top; inner thighs that they just don’t like or maybe they want a little inner thigh gap, the new trendy thing.”

Yes, Abe, we do enjoy the compliment from Angie’s List.

And we think it’s COOL that our video about this exciting body sculpting technique is getting recognition across the country.

- From The Guyer Institute Blog Team

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