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As your physician, my goal is to maximize your internal biochemistry to help you live longer and more vibrantly. At The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine, we offer a multidisciplinary, integrative, and scientifically-based approach to discover the "root cause" of illness, offering the vital support you need on the path to achieving and sustaining optimal health and well being.

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Is Scarring On Your Face a Problem? There Are Better Solutions Now

Scarring, especially on the face, has a solution – it’s called the Vampire Scar Repair Treatment®. That’s a fancy …

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Hair Thinning, Hair Loss? Try Vampire Hair Re-Growth®

To women and men: if you are facing hair thinning and hair loss you are uncomfortable with, the time to act is now. The Guyer …

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The O-Shot® Can Bring Women More Sexual Satisfaction

For so long, men and their sexual satisfaction got all the attention. Now, women have real options to improve their sexual …